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TV Review: Teen Wolf: Memory Found(6.09)

                                         Teen Wolf: Memory Found(6.09)Review
  • I liked that after both Scott and Lydia expressed their doubts of the doors holding back the ghost riders that Malia told them that they shouldn't expect her to be the optimistic one.
  • I think the plan to get their core temperature down low enough in order to get into a trans like state in order to remember Stiles is a dangerous one.
  • I like that the Sheriff was unwilling to trust Theo and I like that Theo pointed out that trust isn't really important right now and that what is important right now is finding away to beat the ghost riders by working together and I like that Liam pointed out that Theo is kind of right.
  • I liked that the Sheriff didn't let Theo out until Theo told him one true thing about Stiles and I liked that Theo chose to say that Stiles was smart enough not to trust him.
  • I was sad that the Sheriff was taken by the ghost riders towards the start of the episode.
  • I liked that when Theo and Liam were escaping the ghost riders that Liam had a tray of keys and that he had to find the right key for the car they were in and at one point Liam handed Theo a key that wasn't even for a car, I just found the whole scene funny despite the seriousness of the situation they were in.
  • I liked that Scott trusts Lydia to figure out how to keep him from dying if something goes wrong with their plan despite Lydia not trusting herself.
  • I like that Liam tells Theo to take them to the hospital because he knows every inch the building and he plans to hid there from the ghost riders.
  • I think it makes a lot of sense that Scott would overwhelmed by all the memories that he has of Stiles because he has so many of them and since Stiles was so important to him there are so many of them that are powerful, so it's hard for him to focus on just one of them. I also like that Lydia and Malia aren't really to get through to him when he was remembering Stiles because his bond with Stiles is so much stronger than the one that he has with them.
  • I like that Liam is willing to lure all of the ghost riders to the hospital in order to buy as much time as possible for Scott.
  • I like that when Theo told Liam that he's only on his side for as long as his useful and that Liam tells him he knows that.
  • I liked that Lydia helped Scott to focus on just one memory by guiding him to search his memories one at a time.
  • I like that Liam told Theo that he wouldn't protect him when the ghost riders came and that he would treat Theo just like Theo would use him which is like bait.
  • I liked that Malia figured out that it was important to remember what Stiles meant to Scott when trying to open a rift.
  • I really loved how they showed Scott remembering Stiles talking him down from his suicide attempt and I don't understand why that memory didn't work to open a rift since that's one of the most powerful scene in the whole series.
  • I liked that after Scott came out of the machine that he wanted to go back in right away even though both Lydia and Malia told him it was too dangerous and I like that his own safety didn't seem to matter him when it came to getting Stiles back.
  • I liked that Malia was more than willing to get in the machine in order to remember Stiles and I like that Malia said that Stiles was the first one that she connected with.
  • I like how they showed Malia as remembering Stiles while flipping through books that would show her memories. I also liked that her memories were almost strong enough to open the rift.
  • I liked that Scott and Malia were both willing to go back in the machine in order to get Stiles back despite the fact that they both almost died from going in there and I like that they both convince Lydia to try to remember Stiles and that she has to use normal hypnosis.
  • I like that when Liam and Theo are cornered by the ghost riders that Liam decides to fight rather than run from them and I liked that he inspired Theo to do the same and that in the end Theo actually chose to be the bait to save Liam.
  • I liked that when they were looking for a match that Malia asked if a blowtorch was too much.
  • I liked that when Lydia needed someone to read a script in a calming gentle voice that Malia tried to first but did a bad job and then Lydia switch it to Scott and he did a much better job.
  • I loved that Lydia confirmed that she had romantic feelings for Stiles since she kissed him because while I always believed that to be the case many other fans didn't so it's nice to be proven right after all these years.
  • I'm glad that Lydia remembering that she loved Stiles and yet never told him that was a strong enough memory to open the rift but I also still don't understand why Scott's memories weren't strong enough to open the rift.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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