Sunday, May 28, 2017

TV Review :Notorious: Taken(1.10)

                                                    Notorious: Taken(1.10)Review
  • I liked that when Louise accused a local police as the reason that Julia was taken because that might make them think they brought him and I liked that the officer told her that since her and Julia decided to come to their country to interview a very dangerous killer and what happened to Julia is on the two of them not him.
  • I like that it turned that the drug trafficker wanted them to take Louise instead of Julia.
  • I was surprised that the interviewer that went missing is actually still alive and I like that he refuses to give the drug trafficker what he wants even if it kills him.
  • I like that Jake is doing is best to look out for Julia's best interest even though the network doesn't want him involved.
  • I like that Louise is planning to use the media in order to help Julia and I like that Jake is planning to use striking a legal deal to get him to trade Julia for someone else.
  • I liked that the DA helped Bradley and Ella in getting the criminal to be able to trade him for Julia's safe return.
  • I like that Julia is so determined to do the interview in place of Louise because she believes it's the only way for her and the other reporter to escape with their lives.
  • I liked that Louise is going with Jake when he goes to set up the deal of the hostage exchange.
  • I disliked that Julia's boss got fired because he allowed a story about Julia's kidnapping to be aired which was the right thing to do.
  • I was surprised that the nephew of the drug trafficker is afraid that his uncle is going to kill him and I like that he warns them that the drug trafficker's girlfriend is going to betray them.
  • I like that Jake and Julia both try to convince the father of the drug trafficker's nephew that he take the deal gives him his son back and let's ever live.
  • I was glad that the drug trafficker's brother ended betraying him because he was willing to betray him and leave his son in jail.
  • I'm not surprised that this show was cancelled since the show hasn't been very interesting to watch and I think the pacing of the plots have been pretty bad since the arcs seem to only last a few episodes which is hardly enough time to be invested in them. I really liked the idea about a show that deals with how the media manipulates the news but sadly this show was never more than okay.
Pleas tell me your thoughts on this episode and show as a whole.

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