Sunday, May 28, 2017

TV Review: Age of Youth

                                                        Age of Youth Review
Age of Youth is a series about five very different college girls sharing an apartment together and the show is about them as a group and as individuals. The five roommates are Yoo Eun-jae a timid country girl who is in her first year of college she has some trouble adjusting to living with a house full of strangers but all of the girls are able to clear the air fairly early on. Eun-jae being the youngest is also usually the most naïve which leads to the other girls sometimes playing a mentor role towards her especially when it comes to dating but for as naïve as she seems Eun-jae still as some dark secrets in her past surrounding the deaths of her brother and father. Another roommate is Jung Ye-eun a girl who is very invested in appearances and hanging onto to her relationship with her boyfriend that doesn't treat her right. Ye-eun ends having to come to terms to with the fact that her boyfriend doesn't care about her the way that she cares about him this is often times frustrating to watch since it takes her such a long time to let go of him.

Kang Yi-na is another one of the roommates and it turns out that she isn't actually a student at the college like the other girls are but she is instead working as a prostitute of sorts who as three different rich men whom she calls boyfriends are more like clients that pay her to go on dates with her among other things. Yi-na is also struggling with a bit of survivor's guilt do to the fact that she was able to survive an accident on a school trip at the expense of another girl and do this she decides to live in the way that is easiest instead of living well. The oldest of the roommates is Yoon Jin-myung who is a very hard working student that has three different part time jobs because she is responsibly for paying back her mother's loans that she took out in order to keep her brother who has been in a coma for years alive. Jin-myung's situation is clearly draining her and keeping her from truly living her life but she won't allow anyone else to help her because she fears if she let's herself be weak even for a moment that she won't be able to pull herself back together. The last of the roommates is Song Ji-won who is a very talkative girl who very much wants to have a boyfriend but she has the habit of scaring boys off but being too talkative and she claims that she can see ghosts.

This series also has two nice side romances with Eun-jae and her boyfriend Jong-yeol who is an upper classman that takes a liking to her first and their relationship is both a very sweet and awkward portrayal of one's first love. The other romance is between Jin-myung and Jae-wan a chef that works at the same restaurant that she works at as a waitress, this romance is one that is shown to be one of the few bright spots that Jin-myung has in her life and that makes all the more special when she allows herself to enjoy his company which doesn't happen very often.

Overall I loved this series I thought that it had good characters and that they had interesting plots for us to follow. I really loved that there was such a focus on the girls friendship in this series and I liked that they always did their best to be there for each other when they really needed someone there for them. Please tell me your thoughts on this series.

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