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TV Review: How to Get Away With Murder: Anna Mae(2.15)

                             How to Get Away With Murder: Anna Mae(2.15)Review
  • I dislike that the others are blaming Wes for Annalise has disappearing when he had nothing to do with her leaving.
  • I'm glad that Laurel admitted to Frank what she said to Annalise about how he killed Lila and I like that Frank has to admit that Annalise isn't the one that asked him to kill Lila.
  • I was surprised to find out that Annalise has a sister and I liked that she knows how Annalise works very well.
  • I was sad that Annalise's mother is back with her father who was abusive in the past and I can't blame Annalise for being concerned about how that relationship could end and not being comfortable being around him.
  • I'm wondering why the police are trying to get an arrest warrant for just Annalise because there's not a whole lot of evidence that the police have that makes just her look guilty of a crime.
  • I liked that when Michaela suggests that Oliver hacks the police to find out why their trying to arrest Annalise that Oliver wants to do it but Connor is completely against the idea because it's too dangerous, I also like that Bonnie is the one who tells them that there will be no hacking since they're already in enough trouble with the police.
  • I liked that Wes told Laurel about what Annalise told him about his biological father and I like that when he tells her that he wants to find out if it's true that Laurel tells him who his father is doesn't define who he is.
  • I like that Annalise and her sister have a bit of a fight about how her sister is left alone to take care of their mother since Annalise lives so far away and never comes to visit.
  • I like that Nate come to see Annalise at her mother's house to tell her that the police want to arrest her although Annalise doesn't seem to be very concerned.
  • I'm not surprised to find out that Frank's a hit man but I was a bit surprised that it was implied that Frank was the one that crashed into Annalise's car and caused her to loose her baby.
  • I liked that Asher decided that Michaela should know that he enjoyed the sex they have even when they weren't planning on having any again.
  • I find it interesting that when they looked at Annalise's arrest warrant that they figured that the reason behind her arrest had to do with their being someone informing on her.
  • I find the dinner party with Annalise, her family and Nate to be pretty awkward because of the constant questioning of Annalise and Nate's relationship, questions about why Annalise or either of her siblings have had children and the tension between Annalise and her father.
  • I liked that when Bonnie was worried that Annalise is going to kill her that Frank tells her that Annalise isn't and he knows because he would be the guy that be that she'd ask to do it.
  • I was surprised to find out that Annalise never told her about the baby or how she lost it which makes the conversation earlier in the episode make a whole lot more sense.
  • I thought it was concerning when Annalise told her mother that she wanted to be shot because sometimes everything is just too much but I liked that her mother told her it was because she was trying to do everything by herself.
  • I liked that Annalise's mother had her write a letter to her baby and bury it as a way for her to be able to grieve for and move on from the baby that she has lost.
  • I think that it's a bit sad that for as much as Annalise hates her father she does see that there are similarities between the two of them with how they both go back to her mother to have her make them feel better about themselves.
  • I was all that surprised that Caleb was the informant because there was never really a reason for Phillip to go after him.
  • I liked that when Annalise was going to get arrested based on Caleb's word and nothing else that Annalise reveals what she learned from Phillip which is that Caleb is the one that killed the Hapstall parents and that he tried to frame both Philip and Catherine for it.
  • I was surprised that Catherine and Caleb had a romantic but sexual relationship with each other.
  • I was a bit surprised that Caleb ended killing himself when he found out that the truth about him was going to be revealed.
  • I dislike that Oliver rejected Connor's acceptance to Standford on his behalf before Connor even knew he got into Standford.
  • I can't blame Annalise for not wanting to have anything to do with Frank after she found out that he got her baby killed and he killed Lila.
  • I'm not really surprised that Frank would leave town after knowing that Annalise knows the truth about him and that means he has no future working with her.
  • I think it's pretty bad luck on Wes's part that he goes to meet his biological father and less than a minute into talking to him his biological father is just shot right in front of him.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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