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TV Review: Timeless: The Lost Generation(1.14)

                                       Timeless: The Lost Generation(1.14)Review
  • I liked that when Lucy's father was talking about how Lucy will when day come to accept that she is part of Ritten house and how being part of Ritten house is determined by blood and not by choice that Lucy didn't want to listen to anything that he had to say because she can't see herself ever joining Ritten house.
  • I like that after finding out that her father is part of Ritten house that she asked her mom what she knew about him and his family although that there wasn't much she knew.
  • I liked that Agent Christopher hired a defense lawyer on Wyatt's behalf but I'm sad that Wyatt doesn't think he deserves one after what happened last episode.
  • I like that when Lucy says that maybe they should let Flynn destroy Ritten House by destroying history that Rufus says that he will not Flynn do that because he knows that Flynn is going to get a lot of good people killed and as much as he wants Ritten house gone he isn't going to allow Flynn to just go around getting people killed.
  • I like that Lucy and Rufus are keeping David, Wyatt's replacement at arms length because they don't really want to have a new member of their team.
  • I'm kind of enjoying the dynamic that Flynn and Emma have, I like that they seem more like partners than him and Anthony ever did.
  • I'm curious as to why Flynn wants Lindbergh because I can't really see what use he would have for him.
  • I liked that when Ernest Hemmingway meets Lucy and she tells him that she loved his books that he was charmed by her right away and was willing to help her, Rufus and David out.
  • I liked that Rufus had a crush on a famous jazz singer named Josephine Baker and that he was star struck when he met her and I liked that Lucy was a bit too.
  • I disliked that a whole bunch of people from the NSA took over the time travel operation and that Agent Christopher was dismissed from her position.
  • I liked that when Lucy was talking to Josephine about the lost generation and she explained that she thought it meant that their people who have seen too many painful things and are now aimless and I liked that Josephine told her that lost generation means that their were broken but they will stand up again soon.
  • I liked that Agent Christopher went to talk to Wyatt about how she was relieved of her position and I liked how when she told him how many people the NSA had cleared already that Wyatt figured out that this isn't something that could happen just overnight and that was most likely a type of cue which makes me suspect that Ritten House is behind this.
  • I liked that when David revealed that he didn't bring back any modern day weapon that Lucy told him that he's not suppose to follow that rule.
  • I was sad that David died but I was more worried about what Lucy and Rufus are going to do without a soldier.
  • I liked that when they were wondering about what to do next that Rufus said that if Wyatt was here he'd something that was annoying but he'd be right and then would pull everything together and I liked that Lucy then pointed out that Wyatt isn't here nor do they have another solider.
  •  I like that Hemmingway volunteered to be their solider although he's quite drunk so Lucy wasn't exactly thrilled with the idea but they really don't have another option.
  • I like that when Lucy confronts Flynn about the fact that Flynn knew exactly who are father was this whole time and tells her that's the reason she'll fight hard to destroy Ritten house in the future that Lucy shows that she so frustrated about the idea that everyone else is deciding what her future holds for her.
  • I like that Lucy convinces Flynn to let her talk to Lindbergh and convince him to not help Ritten house in the future.
  • I liked that Lucy does her best to get through to Lindbergh by telling him how she just found out about being part of Ritten House herself and telling him that the only one that decides what he does with his life is him.
  • I liked that Rufus was able to figure out that Flynn was hiding out in one of the catacombs rather than in one of the buildings.
  • I was surprised when it turned out Flynn just wanted information about higher ups in Ritten House so that he could get to them instead.
  • I liked that Agent Christopher telling Wyatt that Lucy and Rufus are in danger now that Ritten House has taken over convinces him to try and escape from his situation because he wants to help them.
  • I like that Rufus was the one who took charge on his and Hemmingway's mission to rescue Lucy and Lindbergh.
  • I liked that Emma let them go when they came across her and I like that Rufus tells her to be careful because Flynn doesn't take the best care of his pilots.
  • I was sad that nothing changed in history even after Lucy convinced Lindbergh to live his life they way he wanted to.
  • I liked that Wyatt was able to escape from the black site he was being held at by using just a paperclip that Agent Christopher left for him.
  • I really dislike the new NSA guy and the way that he made Lucy and Rufus brief him on the mission and I can't help but agree with Rufus's worrying tone when he asks if they weren't free to go before the guy said they could go.
  • I like that Lucy's mother is the one who gives her the journal in order to write her thoughts but I dislike it also because it's same journal Flynn has.
  • I liked that when Lucy sees Wyatt that she hugs him right away because she's so relieved that he's okay.
  • I liked how Wyatt told Lucy and Rufus that he believes his purpose is to protect the two of them and I liked that they told him he sounds a bit like a crazy person because he was talking about fate and that Wyatt said that he sounds like Lucy.
  • I like that Lucy, Rufus, Wyatt and Agent Christopher all met up together and that they all know that Ritten House are the people who are in charge now and that they are all willing to fight against them now.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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