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TV Review: The 100: Watch the Thrones(3.04)

                                              The 100: Watch the Thrones(3.04)Review
  • I was surprised that Lexa's people were able to find the Ice Queen so quickly but it does seem like the Ice Queen wanted to be caught.
  • I think that the grounders system of government is kind of dumb because the Ice Queen was able to avoid being executing by basically saying that she thinks Lexa is weak and therefore shouldn't be listened to and whole bunch of other people agreed.
  • I liked that when the Ice Queen basically challenged Lexa to a trial by combat that while the Ice Queen is having her son fight for her Lexa is fighting herself.
  • I agree with Kane and Abby's choice to leave Lexa to handling the Ice Nation's attacking on them to be the smart move I do think Pike is right when he saw that the only thing that the grounders respond to is a show of strength since their culture has been shown time and time again to value physical strength above all else.
  • I felt bad for Bellamy when he quit the guard because he feels guilty that 49 of their people died including Gina died because he trusted the wrong person and I liked that Kane told him to not blame himself but to blame the Ice Nation who were behind the attack.
  • I like that Monty continues to worry about Jasper and that he follows Jasper out of camp when the camp is on lock down.
  • I like that Clarke thinks Lexa fighting is not a good idea and that she doesn't really understand Lexa's need to prove her strength.
  • I like that when Lexa shows that her successor is a child that Clarke finds it concerning that a child will be taking her place.
  • I liked that Clarke tells Roan that she wants him to become king of kingdom by killing his mother and I liked that when he says he can't do it he says that he can help Clarke make it so he's king.
  • I liked that we got to see a little bit of the memorial service for the people who died in explosion of Mount Weather.
  • I dislike how Pike made a whole bunch of people think that they were under attack because there was an army a couple of miles outside of camp that was sent by Lexa to keep them safe from the Ice Nation.
  • I was sad that Lincoln who has always been about keeping the peace was hit in the head by a rock because Pike made a whole bunch of people convinced that all grounders are their enemy but I did like that Bellamy rushed to help the other guards keep people from attacking Lincoln.
  • I liked that Jasper led him and Monty to the site of the drop ship and I liked that all the grass had regrown around it which shows how much time has passed.
  • I like that Lincoln refuses to press charges against the person who attacked him because he knows it would just cause more problems.
  • I liked that Clarke almost succeed in killing the Ice Queen and only didn't because one of her guards figured out what she was doing.
  • I find it interesting that all of the commanders are this type of people called night bloods who have black blood and are trained from the time when they are young to be warriors.
  • I like that Pike believes that they are at war with grounders and that Kane doesn't see that and I like that Bellamy also sees things that way because it makes sense that Bellamy would considering that he has been fighting the grounders since he got to earth.
  • I dislike how Pike is playing into how Bellamy feels guilty about letting his people die in order to get Bellamy to supply him with guns so that he could take out the grounder army. I like that Bellamy still seems unsure of where he truly stands but he fears loosing more of his people that he can't help but to be taken in by Pike's words.
  • I thought that the fight scene between Lexa and Roan was pretty cool to watch. I liked that in the end that both Lexa and Roan lived and I like that Lexa killed the Ice Queen instead of Roan but I feel like this attack may cause problems for her in the future.
  • I liked that Lincoln along with Monroe and Harper decided to stop Pike and Bellamy when they went to attack the grounder army because they wish to retain the peace they have with the grounders and I liked how Bellamy pointed out that he has always did what is best for them since the beginning which is what Bellamy believes that he is doing now and I liked that Monroe and Harper left because they do trust that Bellamy has their best interest at heart.
  • I liked that Lincoln refused to leave because he knows what Pike and Bellamy are trying to do will start a war and I like that the guards come and stop them all from leaving and locks them up for stealing guns.
  • I'm worried that Pike is getting through to too many people and that he'll end up winning the election to become chancellor.
  • I liked how Jasper pointed out how what Clarke along with Bellamy and Monty did was mass murder and I liked that when he accused Monty of being fine that Monty tells him he's not fine he just doesn't go around getting drunk constantly unlike Jasper.
  • I found it sad that when Monty told Jasper that he misses his best friend that Jasper tells him he day that day along with Maya and the other people that lived in Mount Weather.
  • I found it sad to see Monty finally give up on getting through to Jasper and to see Jasper breakdown crying once he was alone.
  • I don't like how Clarke has seemed to forgot how Lexa had betrayed her already because it seems way to soon for her to care so much for Lexa's safety and have a scene with romantic undertones.
  • I think that Pike becoming Chancellor is something that is going to be bad for their people because he's starting another war with the grounders.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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