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TV Review: Shadowhunters: The Descent Into Hell Isn't Easy(1.02)

                          Shadowhunters: The Descent Into Hell Isn't Easy(1.02)Review
  • I like that Clary decided that Simon was coming with her once she decided to let Jace help her and I like that Jace just kind of went with it.
  • I liked that Simon was concerned when he saw Jace putting the rune on himself because to Simon it just seemed like he was burning himself.
  • I liked how when Jace has to hold Simon's hand so that Simon could see the institute that Simon told him that he shouldn't because Simon isn't Jace's type, it was just an odd way to frame that statement.
  • I like how Jace told Simon that he protecting Clary is kind of their thing and I liked that Simon was upset that they already had a thing.
  • I agree with Clary that it seems wrong that shadowhunters aren't allowed to know the history of the circle because it does seem like the clave is purposely hiding that something bad happened in their history.
  • I like that Clary insisted that she and Simon are a package deal when Jace says Simon can't go somewhere with them.
  • I like that Simon clearly has a thing for Izzy from the rest time he sees her and I like that Izzy finds Simon's rambling adorable and then asks him to have breakfast with her.
  • I liked that Jace was teasing Izzy a bit about how bad of a cook she is when he told Simon that eating Izzy's food might be more dangerous for him than runes would be.
  • I liked that Luke saved a warlock from being taken by one of the circle members that met with him last episode.
  • I think that Hodge's punishment of being confide to the institute and having his circle rune burn if he talks about the circle or Valentine is a punishment that makes sense for the crime he committed.
  • I like that Clary feels really bad for Hodge since by making him tell them what he knows about the circle their basically torturing him and I like that Jace doesn't like doing it either but he knows that Hodge is the only one who can give them the information that they need.
  • I liked that Clary and Jace shared a bit of a moment when he tells her about how he never knew his mother and she realizes that she doesn't really know anything about him.
  • I liked that Jace tells Clary that not having any training or even a plan is something that gets shadowhunters killed which calms Clary down enough that she's willing to try and come up with a plan.
  • I liked that Jace was able to figure out that Clary had her memories wipe and that with the few things Clary told him they were able to figure out that Dot was a warlock and that she could be the key to find Clary's mom.
  • I liked that Dot told Luke that she glamoured the house which is the reason why the police aren't looking for Clary and her mom.
  • I find it sad that although Luke and Dot are on the same side and they both want nothing more than to keep Clary save they don't trust each other.
  • I find it a bit scary that if a normal human is marked with a rune they'll loose their mind and start killing people and will need to be put down by shadowhunters.
  • I like how Izzy tells Simon that Jace is the best and that Clary is save with him so he doesn't have to worry about her with him.
  • I liked that when Clary was wondering about Izzy's relationship with Jace that Izzy told her that she grew up with Jace and sees him as her brother.
  • I liked how Izzy gave Clary a pep talk about how she was born to be a shadowhunter and that she had nothing to worry about because this is what she was meant to be doing.
  • I liked that Izzy told Clary that she find Simon to be nerd hot.
  • I liked that Luke knows that were Clary goes Simon will end up being there too.
  • I liked that Izzy just knew that Alec wouldn't approve of their mission.
  • I understand why Clary doesn't really care about the clave since she has no idea what they are but I feel like someone should explain to her that they are the people who make the laws for shadowhunters so what they say actually does matter so someone should let her know that.
  • I like how Clary can know where Dot is because of the necklace that her mom gave her.
  • I liked that Magnus was getting all the warlocks somewhere safe so that they could go into hiding since Valentine is now searching for warlocks.
  • I find it terribly ironic that Magnus is shaming Dot for risking her life to help a shadowhunter when he'll help them out way more often then she has in the future.
  • I liked that as soon as it becomes clear that they're not going to find Dot that Alec says they have to go back to the institute because it's not safe to be out there.
  • I liked that when Jace suggest that Clary goes to the Silent Brothers to recover her memories that both Alec and Izzy tells him it's a bad idea because of how dangerous the process is.
  • I liked that Clary decided to go to the Silent Brothers even though the process to recover her memories is a very dangerous one she thought it was worth the risk if she could save her mom.
  • I liked that when Izzy asks Simon if he's afraid that Simon tells her that he was born afraid.
  • I liked that when Jace was asking what Alec's problem with Clary was since his family welcomed strays in the past that Alec tells him that he was never a stray.
  • I liked that when Clary tells Simon that she's not freaking out because she always felt something was missing in her life and now she doesn't feel that way that he is somewhat concerned since things are pretty bad right now.
  • I'm worried for Dot since she was taken by Valentine and he is shooting her up with something that is no doubt painful.
  • I liked that Jace told Clary about how dangerous the Silent Brothers could be to her before she went to meet them and that he gave her one last chance to back out which she didn't take.
  • I liked that when Clary was hesitating outside of the city of bones that Simon told her that she could do anything to encourage her.
  • I liked that Simon didn't really believe Jace when he told him the city of bones could kill him since he lied about the runes on the training floor earlier but after both Alec and Izzy told him it was true he agreed to wait outside.
  • I liked that when Clary told Jace she was sorry for misjudging him earlier on that Jace told her he didn't have feelings which is such an obvious lie even at this point of the series. I liked that Jace also let it slip that his father was killed by Valentine which of course Clary told him she was sorry about that and that she now gets why Jace wants to help her so much.
  • I find the Silent Brothers to be creepy with their eyes and mouths being sewed shut.
  • I liked that Izzy distracts Simon from worrying about Clary by talking to him about his music.
  • I liked that when Izzy sense a threat near by that she orders Simon to stay in the van because she believes he will be safe in their but unfortunately she was wrong and the threat was in the van.
  • I feel bad for Clary when she finds out that she is in fact Valentine is her father and that of course is something that she doesn't want to be true.
  • I was so sad when I first watched this episode and thought that Valentine really did kill Dot.
  • I can't blame Alec for being suspicious of Clary after he found out that Valentine was her father because it doesn't seem like her showing up out of nowhere right when Valentine comes back is something that can be a coincident.
  • I was worried about Simon when the vampires decided to kidnap him and that they wouldn't give him back unless Clary gives them the mortal cup which she doesn't have.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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