Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Top 10 Kdramas I've Watched

1. City Hunter:This series is one that is a story of revenge that has a good amount of action and romance to it as well. This series is one that has a really good story behind it and good characters that make you invested in the story. I thought that this drama had good conflict between the characters that kept the story interesting through out it's run.
2. I Hear Your Voice: This series is one that is a bit hard to pin down because there are just so many aspects to it, this series is a noona romance, a legal drama and thriller with a supernatural element all at once and it feels like all the pieces of the story shouldn't fit as well together as they do. The characters are great and they all are able to go through character development through out the series as well as getting plenty of relationship development. Overall this series is one that you can't help but become emotionally invested in and that makes you forgive any of the flaws this series may have.
3. Healer: This series is an action adventure romance that has the male lead acting similarly to a superhero and a female lead working as a truth seeking reporter which are tropes we've seen before but this series makes them feel brand new. This series is one that has a very good emotional core to it with characters that you can't help but love.
4. Pinocchio: This series is another great one that deals with the morals and ethics of broadcast journalism and explores the very nature of what the truth is. This series is one that has great characters that go through emotional journeys as they have their world views challenged and the romance in the series is great as well.
5. W: Two Worlds: This one is a series that has a concept that really stands out with having a comic book character become self aware and having the female lead sucked into the comic book and end up falling in love with him. This series is one that is filled with twists and turns and it gives the audience plenty to talk about as we explore what makes a human, human.
6. Heartless City: This dark crime story that deals with criminals and undercover cops just trying to survive is one that is extremely well made and endlessly intriguing to watch with all the characters being so very flawed. This show is one that stands out both because of it's darker tone and it's darker but still gorgeous look that the series has to it.
7. Queen In Hyun's Man: This series is a really sweet time travel romance that is sure to make you swoon with two leads that are completely lovable and it has the right balance of fluff and angst to it.
8. Dream High: This series is a teen drama about students at a preforming arts school working their hardest to achieve their dreams and make it in the K-pop industry. The characters in this series are all ones that I can't help but to root for and I really loved seeing them grow through out the series and I always found myself caring about them.
9. School 2013: This series is a drama that is simply about the lives of students and teachers of one class at one school and although that premise doesn't sound all that gripping the series itself is because the characters are and you find yourself completely invested in their story as the series goes on.
10. Witch's Romance: This series is about the romance between 39 year old cold hearted ultra successful reporter and a sweet 25 year old who works has a man who does any kind of part time job someone might need done, the romance in this series is unconventional but also completely heartwarming.

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