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TV Review: The 100: Wanheda Part 2(3.02)

                                             The 100: Wanheda Part 2(3.02)Review
  • I was surprised that when Bellamy, Monty, Kane and Indra were attacked seemingly by hostile grounders that Monty's mother was among them.
  • I think Jaha's plan to find people to fill the City of Light is a bad idea because that hologram lady is clearly not someone to be trusted and she wants him to do this.
  • I like that while Murphy keeps saying how Emori can't be trusted it's still clear that the two of them are kind of into each other but they show it in a way that isn't really all that nice which suits their characters.
  • I liked seeing Monty being happy to reunite with his mother but I was sad that he learned shortly afterwards that his father has died.
  • The fact that the frame station people from the ark seem to pride themselves on killing grounders is something that I think may cause problems in the future but I can hardly blame them for killing the grounders after the grounders have killed over half of the people they had since they landed.
  • I liked that Bellamy asked Monty if he was doing okay after reuniting with his mom and learning about his dad's death and I liked that Monty said that he had to be.
  • I felt bad for Clarke when she was being dragged by the grounder who captured her off to who ever put the price on her head but I liked that Clarke almost killed her capturer but I was sad when he got the upper hand over her and almost killed her instead.
  • I liked that when Lincoln and Octavia saw one of Lincoln's old friends who was injured coming to their camp in order to get medical treatment that they made sure that he got to Abby safely.
  • I liked that Abby tried to talk to jasper about how he's dealing with his loss of Maya and how he needs to face it head on but I also liked that when Abby brought up how Finn didn't deal with things well and that got him killed that Jasper pointed out that Clarke killed him just like she killed all of the people of Mount Weather.
  • I liked that Jackson suggested to Abby that they use the blood supply from Mount Weather to save Lincoln's friend and I liked that when Abby pointed out that this might not be a good idea political that Jackson told her maybe she should just be a doctor.
  • I liked that Lincoln told Abby to save his friend despite the fact that using Mount Weather like this may put the end to the peace between their people.
  • I think it's a bit cruel of Abby to bring Jasper along to Mount Weather considering that he still has some pretty bad ptsd over what happened there and there's really no need to bring him with.
  • I liked that Bellamy saved the girl that helped Clarke out last episode from an ice nation that was beating her in hopes she'd tell him what she knew about Clarke. I liked that the girl told Bellamy what he needed to know in order to find Clarke because she knew he was one of Clarke's people and that he would want her to be save like she does.
  • I liked that Clarke tried to escape her capturer by alerting the other bounty hunters that they were near so that she'd have the chance to run from him. I was sad that she couldn't escape him but I like that she figured out that he isn't the one that's going to kill her.
  • I liked that when Bellamy so Clarke from a far that he tried to run to her but he was stopped by Monty and Pike who pointed out that the Ice Nation army would kill them if they caught sight of them and I liked that this barely matter to Bellamy when he had Clarke in his sight.
  • I like that Emori revealed that she is working for the hologram lady by stealing tech for her and I like that she's planning to steal some of the tech she stole for someone else so that she could make more money.
  • I found it freaky that the guy that Emori stole the tech from didn't feel any pain at all when Murphy hit him in the head with a big stick or even when Emori ended up stabbing him in the neck and killing him.
  • I liked that Clarke pointed out that her and her capturer have more in common than he would like to admit but I dislike that he's using Clarke as a way to get back to his people but I also understand why he's willing to do so.
  • I liked that Bellamy was anxious to leave and find Clarke even though the army hasn't passed yet.
  • I found it sad how 15 children from the ark's frame station were killed by grounders while they were playing in the snow and I find it sad that Monty's dad died while he was saving children from being killed.
  • I know I'm suppose to think that it's bad that Pike thinks all grounders are the same but the fact is the majority of grounders we've met in the series are blood thirsty and I can't blame Pike for hating them when they have killed so many people from the ark for simply being on their land.
  • I liked that Emori ended up kissing Murphy on the cheek and I liked that they planned to escape with the tech together.
  • I liked that when Jaha and a new follower of the City of Light he recruited held Emori hostage that Murphy threatened to destroy the tech that ran the City of Light until they let Emori go. I also liked that even after they let Emori go that Murphy still tried to destroy the tech although it wasn't destroy.
  • I find it a bit unnerving that there isn't any death in the City of Light since that is something that seems unnatural.
  • I'm glad that Lincoln's friend was okay and I liked that his friend pointed out that places aren't evil but only people are evil.
  • I liked that when Octavia walked in on Jasper right after he clearly had a breakdown and he said that he was fine that she said she knows that and I liked that he then allowed himself to open up to her about Maya just a little bit.
  • I liked that Monty didn't feel comforted when Pike told him he did the right thing at Mount Weather because what they did at Mount Weather was necessary to save their people but something like can never be right.
  • I liked Bellamy stole one of the grounders clothes so that he could sneak out when the ice nation army was around and go and find Clarke.
  • I liked that when Bellamy found Clarke he was so happy and relieved to find her alive and I liked the way that he caressed her face in his hands.
  • I liked that when Clarke's capturer got the upper hand over Bellamy that Clarke plead for Bellamy's life and promised she'd stop fighting if he'd let Bellamy live which he does but he does injury Bellamy so that he can't follow them.
  • I liked that Bellamy still tried to follow Clarke even with an injured leg even though everyone told him that it was of no use now.
  • I'm glad that Monty was able to convince Bellamy that they would find another way to save Clarke one that was less likely to result in their deaths.
  • I'm glad that Clarke wasn't taken to the Ice Nation queen but I don't think Lexa's that much better then her.
  • I hate how Lexa didn't honor her deal with Clarke's capturer Roan because of something his mother is doing and that he has no say in.
  • I loved that Clarke spit in Lexa's face and told her that she was going to kill her because Lexa deserves that after she forced Clarke into having to commit genocide at Mount Weather and she had her capturer and has taken her prisoner.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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