Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Movie Review: Wonder Woman

                                                      Wonder Woman Review
Wonder Woman is about Diana Prince(Gal Gadot) a goddess that has been raised by the Amazons who's duty is to protect man kind from the influence of Ares. Diana spends her life training to be the best warrior she can be on the island of Themyscira until one day she rescues a man named Steve Trevor(Chris Pine) from the sea after his plane crashes into the sea just off the coast of the island. After Steve tells the amazons about the Great War(world war I) that has been going on for four years now and has already claimed millions of lives, Diana wants to go and help Steve end the war but the rest of the Amazons think that she should stay out of it but she finds that she can't.

Diana ends up going with Steve to Europe and the two of them plan to do everything they can to put a stop to the war or at the very least minimize the amount of deaths caused in the future from it. The two differ a bit on how to end the war with Diana believing that Ares is responsible for the war and that if she finds and kills him the men's minds will be clear and the war will end while Steve believes that things are more complicated than that and he believes the way t prevent more deaths is to find a way to destroy a new poisonous gas that threatens to wipe out millions more.

Overall I really loved this movie I found that this movie had a good plot that kept me engaged, I thought that the tone of this was really well balanced with there being moments that made me laugh, moments that I found heart warming and moments I found heart breaking. I thought that the characters leading this movie were really good and I liked seeing the developing relationship between Diana and Steve. I thought that this movie was really well directed, written and acted. Please tell me your thoughts on this movie in the comment section below.

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