Friday, June 9, 2017

TV Review: W: Two Worlds

                                                       W: Two Worlds Review
W: Two Worlds is about how a young doctor named Oh Yeon-joo gets sucked into the world of her father's web comic and ends up saving the main character Kang Chul's life after her father tried to kill him off. Yeon-joo ends up getting pulled back into the comic's world more and more often because Chul becomes curious about her and believes that she is the key to his life. Yeon-joo has to figure out the rules of the comic world while trying to reveal to Chul that he's a fictional character but since Chul has already started to see that things in life don't add up in a way that makes any logical sense so it's only a matter of time before he learns the truth.

 After learning the truth about his existence Chul is able to travel to the real world and there he is able to read the comic series about his life and since the starting off point of the comic series was his family being murder by a mysterious killer and him being wrongfully accused of their murders, he is obviously somewhat disgusted to see that all of the hardships that he has been through were for other people's entertainment. Chul ends up confronting his creator Yeon-joo's dad about how he cruelly played with his life and to get answers about who really killed his family. Yeon-joo's dad is terrified to see Chul because he was feared that he would become self aware and come after him for quite sometime now which is why he's been trying so hard to kill Chul off recently. In the end Yeon-joo's dad reveals that there was never any real culprit for Chul to catch and that he was never suppose to solve the mystery behind his family's death.

After being confronted with being a fictional character and that his attempt to bring his family's killer to justice has all been in vein Chul almost ends his life only to be saved by Yeon-joo once again and once he realized that she did this because she sincerely cares about him as a person he decides to spend his life paying her back for that which involves a lot of romance. Since the beginning there has been feelings developing between Yeon-joo and Chul but once she becomes she convinces him to find a new purpose in life after he looses his old one the romance is taken a new level when they get married for both plot related reasons and because they love each other but this ends up putting Yeon-joo's life in danger when the real culprit makes an appearance. It turns out that the real culprit does exist he just doesn't have a name, face, personality or really anything other than his soul desire to kill Kang Chul's family which Yeon-joo is now considered to be.

The first half of this series deals more with establishing the two worlds of the series and how things work in those two worlds and how someone can travel between them. In the first half there's also a bunch of establishing who everyone is and setting up relationships and revealing certain truths. The second half of the series is more about turning what you thought you knew on it's head and having the rules change because the nature of the story itself has changed. The second half is also one where the antagonists are a much more real threat and they can drive the plot almost as much as our main characters.

Overall I really loved this series it was one with such a cool concept that I haven't seen before and I felt like the show did a good job at making these two worlds and showing how traveling between them works. I really adored out main characters I found myself loving them and being invested in them fairly early on and I loved out lead couple together and I found their unconventional somewhat absurdly intense relationship to really work for me. Overall I think that this was a great series that I could talk about for so much longer but I feel like I have revealed a lot but also barely anything in this review, I think that anyone who thinks this concept sounds interesting should check out this brilliant series. Please tell me your thoughts on this series.

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