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TV Review: How to Get Away With Murder: We're Good People Now(3.01)

                  How to Get Away With Murder: We're Good People Now(3.01)Review
  • I like that Wes told the police that he was just asking his biological directions before he was shot because that makes him look a lot less suspicious.
  • I thought it was messed up that Frank led Wes to where his biological father was under the false pretenses that Annalise had thought it would be a good idea that he meets him and that Frank then kills Wes's biological father in order to try and make things right with Annalise.
  • I like that Annalise told Wes that people like Frank and his biological father aren't people worth loosing themselves over and that she tells him to let go of them right then and there.
  • I find it interesting that once the next school year starts that the study group in the eyes of some other students aren't good enough students to make it in the class if Annalise wasn't teaching it.
  • I find it interesting that the class Annalise is teaching this year is one where the students will get a chance to work on pro-bono cases for the class.
  • I found the flyer that called Annalise a killer to be concerning as did Michaela, Connor, Laurel, Wes and Asher but Annalise didn't seem concerned at all.
  • I liked how Annalise told everyone that nothing bad is going to happen because they are good people now and I like that she tells them to tell themselves that until they believe it.
  • I liked that in May when Laurel was telling Annalise that she was going to Mexico that she told Annalise that when it comes to matter between Annalise and Frank she is on Annalise's side. I'm a bit sad that in the last couple of months her resolve seems to have waivered.
  • I thought that most of the arguments that the students gave for the case with the immigrant father were pretty good although Annalise seemed to find the majority of them impractical except for Wes's and this student named Drake.
  • I think that Annalise is holding a grudge against Laurel for having a relationship with Frank since she didn't even let Laurel fully explain her argument for the case.
  • The fact that the flyers that calls Annalise a killer now has a lot more copies around campus is more worrying.
  • I liked that Annalise promised Connor that she wouldn't hire Oliver because she knows they'd ruin him which is the exact reason that Connor doesn't want him working for her.
  • I liked how Oliver admitted to Annalise that he deleted Connor's acceptance letter to Standford to prove to her that he can be bad too since he knows that what they do here isn't always good.
  • I really liked that Annalise just laughed at Asher when he came to her asking for money because he no longer has his parents paying for school.
  • I like that Asher seems to be working as an RA on his floor as a way to save money.
  • I like that Michaela ended up finding a way to win the case by arguing that the defense before them gave ineffective defense.
  • I like that Annalise was upfront with Connor about the fact that she was hiring Oliver and why she was doing so and I like that she told him that Oliver deleted his acceptance letter to Standford.
  • I liked that during the summer Annalise got Michaela out of trouble with the police and that Michaela told Annalise that she can't just pretend to be normal and I like that Annalise told her that she was never really normal and that she always knew that she was strong enough to handle what they went through.
  • I was sad that they ended up loosing the case in the end but considering that only three percent of cases in the court are won by the defense it's not really a surprise.
  • I like that Oliver thought that it was messed up that Connor wasn't even really mad at him for deleting his Standford acceptance letter and that Connor ended up telling Oliver that he was sorry for he did something to hurt him. I like that Oliver can tell that there is something a bit messed up about their relationship if this doesn't even make Connor angry at him.
  • I'm sad that Oliver broke up with Connor but I can't disagree with him that maybe it might be better for them to break up since Oliver doesn't want to be in a dishonest relationship and Connor never wants to tell him the full truth about how working with Annalise is.
  • I was a bit surprised to see that Annalise is being transition into a researching role because the study group are preforming badly probably do to the fact that they've been under because of having to deal with murders.
  • I find it sad that Wes can't stand being Laurel anymore because he thinks of Frank when he looks at her even though he doesn't want to thinking of him when he looks at her.
  • I like that Wes has a new girlfriend Maggie who seems nice and normal because he deserves someone like that in his life.
  • I wasn't surprised that Annalise had someone track Frank down but I was surprised that Frank got the jump on him before Annalise could even decide what she wanted to happen to Frank.
  • I don't like that the flash forward this time deals with a main character being dead rather than something that they did because I find that kind of plot thread to be so much less interesting then mysteries from the first two seasons and one that a lot of shows end up doing at some point.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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