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TV Review: How to Get Away with Murder: It's a Trap(2.12)

                            How to Get Away with Murder: It's a Trap(2.12)Review
  • I was surprised to find out that Wes's mother may have been murder rather than having committed suicide and that it was because she testified in a case because of Annalise.
  • I liked that when Annalise suggested that Connor might've been the one that sent the video since he was in it that Connor points out that he was much too much of a mess that night to think to record any video.
  • I like that after finding out that Frank  was the one that killed Lila that Laurel started freaking out because the only thing that made it okay that they killed Sam was that he killed Lila first.
  • I liked that when it's suggested that they use Oliver to hack Philip back that Annalise actually said it was too dangerous to involve Oliver and I liked that relieved look we saw on Connor's face.
  • I liked that Laurel went over to Wes's after what she found about Frank because I like that she at least wants to tell him about what she just found out and I like that Wes tells her about the files that Annalise dropped off even though he doesn't really know how  this case relates to Annalise knowing his mother.
  • I liked that Laurel was willing to just buy plan tickets for her and Wes to go to Ohio so that they can read the court transcripts from the case that involves Wes's mother.
  • I'm wondering how Annalise is going to deal with Phillip's ransom of a million dollars because that's a lot of money and I don't know how they can get all of it in such a short amount of time.
  • I found it interesting that Wes's name was changed by his foster family after he went to live with them.
  • I like that Asher is trying to figure out what he should say for when the video gets released and I like that Bonnie tells him that it's not going to be released and that she would tell him when to start freaking out.
  • I like how Annalise is using the fact that Caleb wants to find Phillip as away to get him to give her the money she needs to pay the ransom without letting him know anything about what is really going on and making herself look like she's doing something for him.
  • I'm wondering why Wes's Mother didn't testify and if this is the reason that she ended up getting killed.
  • I liked that Bonnie asked Annalise if maybe being caught would be better than constantly worrying about getting caught.
  • I liked that Annalise said that she never really wanted children and that she now have five of them and she hates it.
  • I liked that Wes figured out that Annalise asking his mother to testify ended up getting his mother murder when she didn't show up and that because of this Annalise felt guilty and that's why Wes got into this law school, why Annalise put him on her team and why she  helped cover up Sam's murder for him.
  • I liked that when Caleb told Michaela that he doesn't know what to believe anymore that she told him to believe whatever makes him feel better, I feel like this gives some insight into how she deals with everything that's happened.
  • I like that Asher continues to go to Bonnie to try and figure out a defense for himself and I was sad when Bonnie told him that she is neither his lawyer or girlfriend and she can't ever see that changing because oddly enough I liked those two together.
  • I liked that Annalise invited Nate over and cooked him a meal after she told everyone to go home and do something that makes them happy. Although it didn't last long because Nate is suspicious of why Annalise would do something like this.
  • I like that Connor is applying to Stanford because he wants to get away from Annalise so badly and I like that he wants Oliver to move with him although Oliver isn't really convinced that moving across the country is such a good idea.
  • I like that Connor pointed out that Philip knows where him and Oliver lives and that this is something that makes him feel very uncomfortable as it would anyone in that kind of situation.
  • I liked that when Laurel said that Frank was like her father and that she then explained that her father was a bad man at such a level that the things they have been doing since working for Annalise has messed her up a lot less than the others is because she is on some level use to dealing with these types of things.
  • I liked that Wes kept telling Laurel that she was a good person when she was doubting that she was a good person and I liked that he thanked her for looking out for him when she really didn't have to.
  • I liked that Wes and Laurel kissed but I'm wondering if this is going to make things really awkward between the two of them now.
  • I find it odd that Wes's mother's death was considered a suicide when it was caused by a stabbed wound to the neck which is not a common way for people to committed suicide.
  • I liked that Nate told Annalise that he agreed with her plan to wait Philip out because in his experience crazy people tend to surrender eventually.
  • I find it creepy that Phillip is stalk them but I'm wondering if the fact that he has to be in town in order to stalk them is going to be something that ends up back firing on him.
  • I'm surprised that the show is suggesting that Wes is the one that killed his mother but I'm wondering if the show is just faking us out with this twist because there's not a whole lot of evidence we've been shown that suggest that this true.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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