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TV Review: How to Get Away with Murder: There's My Baby(2.14)

                       How to Get Away with Murder: There's My Baby(2.14)Review
  • I was glad that Annalise got a way from Philip fairly easily but I also felt that the whole scene was kind of anti climatic since nothing really happened.
  • I liked that Eve asked why Annalise would give Wes the files about the case that involved his mother when she never intended to tell Wes the full story.
  • I'm worried that Caleb now that he is missing and has likely been taken by Phillip and who knows what Phillip intends to do with him.
  • I really liked the scene when Connor, Michaela, Laurel and Wes were questioned about what they were doing on the night that Annalise was shot and I like that they were all able to keep their cool and not give anything away it really shows that despite the fact that they still freak out over a lot of things they have become much better at covering things up as well.
  • I like that Asher felt bad about everything that has happened since he believes that everything started because of him and I liked that Bonnie said that the person that killed Lila is the one that started this whole mess, I liked that she said this with Frank in the room because she recently found that he's the one that killed Lila.
  • I liked that when Michaela suggested that maybe it would be safer to tell Oliver the truth since not telling Caleb about Philip didn't end up well and I liked that for second even Connor considered telling Oliver the truth but I also liked that Bonnie and Frank told them all that telling Oliver or anyone else is completely out of the question.
  • It was sad that Annalise ended up loosing her baby because she went against her clients to protect Wes and they had her attack but I wasn't that surprised by it since we know that she doesn't end up having the baby.
  • I'm worried about Asher since his interview didn't go as well as the others but I don't think the DA has any solid evidence to suggest that Asher was involved in Sinclair's death so there's not too much of a reason to be worried.
  • I liked that Laurel suggested that Frank was the one that shot Annalise to see how Oliver would react to the idea of a cover up but I honestly don't think that Connor was ever going to really tell Oliver because he cares about their relationship far too much to risk telling the truth.
  • I dislike how Annalise takes out the fact that she's feeling guilty about what happened to Wes's mother and is covering that up by drinking and being angry and taking out those feelings on everyone else when honestly no one including Wes was really demanding all that much out of her during this episode.
  • I like that Oliver can tell that Connor and the others are keeping secrets from him and I like that he worries that Connor thinks he's weak and that's why he hides things which isn't true at all and Connor tells him that but because he can't tell him the real reason why he keeps things from him.
  • I was surprised when Oliver told Connor that he quit his job and that he would like to work for Annalise and I like that Connor doesn't want Oliver to work for Annalise because he knows how dangerous that working for her can be.
  • I like that Annalise finally told Wes the truth and I was surprised to learn that Wes's mother was raped by the father of her client and that he is Wes's biological father that is something I never even considered.
  • I'm not sure how I feel about Michaela and Asher hooking up because it feels like it came out of nowhere but I felt the same way about Bonnie and Asher and I ended really like them.
  • I like that Frank at least confirmed to Bonnie that he killed Lila on Sam's orders and I like that right after Bonnie said that Annalise can't know about this Laurel ends up telling her in the next scene that Frank killed Lila although Laurel believes he did it on Annalise's orders.
  • I like that Annalise ran away to her mother's house after receiving the news that Frank killed Lila.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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