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TV Review: Dream High

                                                            Dream High Review
Dream High is about a group of high school students at a preforming arts school that is known for having the highest number of students make their debuts on the K-pop scene after graduating from that school and them all working on achieving their dreams. Our main character Go Hye-mi is one of the few people who is trying to get into the school not because she wants to be a k-pop star but because she needs to become one in order to make money in order to pay back her father's debts and to do so she has to give up her dreams of attending Julliard and become an opera singer. While Hye-mi is very talented she is an elitist snob when it comes to music and this cause her to fail her audition and because of this she turns on her best friend Yoon Baek-hee who while less talented than her is someone who isn't a snob and is someone who actually willing to try her hardest to achieve her dream. Baek-hee becomes a rival to Hye-mi once she sees how Hye-mi turned on her and she has pretty much all of her classmates support since Hye-mi since the audition was on video for everyone to see which causes problems later on when Hye-mi is later on accepted into the school due to being one of the director's three picks of students to accept regardless of their audition.

The two other students who were picks of the director's were Jin-guk who is more a dancer and rapper than a singer and he comes across has a delinquent but he's actually a really good guy that does try to see the good in most everyone he just has a tough exterior. Jin-guk is also the illegitimate son of a father who wants to make his way in politics who refuses to acknowledge his son and wants him to get out of the country but all Jin-guk wants is to be able to have a relationship with his father. The third of the director's picks is Song Sam-dong  a kind hearted country boy who despite having no formal is quite a talent singer because he's so good at picking up on how to sing or play songs just by hearing the notes. Since Sam-dong is reluctant to leave his mom Hye-mi ends up convincing him to come to the school by telling him that she likes him because all three of the directors picks have to come to school for any of them to be allowed to come to school.

Hye-mi, Jin-guk and Sam-dong are put in the college prep class because the school doesn't really want them to succeed which also means that their not allowed to take any of the preforming arts classes. Since they aren't allowed to take the preforming classes at school they have to work on their preforming outside of school and they have to work much harder than their fellow classmates just to be allowed to take the same classes they do. Shortly after school starts Kim Pil-sook an overweight girl with a beautiful voice is demoted to the college prep class because she couldn't loose weight as fast as her teacher wanted her to so she also has to work much harder with the rest of college prep class to achieve her dreams.

The romances storylines in this series are also delightful with both Jin-guk and Sam-dong having feelings for Hye-mi during the series and Hye-mi actually ends up having feelings for both guys at different times through out the series which is pretty uncommon in K-dramas. Despite their being a bit of love triangle it isn't something that ever takes over the plot of working hard to make their come true but it does allow for plenty of sweet moments between both pairings through out the series. The other romance in the series is between Pil-sook and Jason who is the best performer in their class who Pil-sook instantly fell for and admires from a far at first. Pil-sook is convinced that Jason likes her too and given that he is especially nice to her and that wants to sing with no one but her she's probably right but it takes a long time for him to admit he likes her back because he's afraid of how much she likes him. The two of them are actually really cute together and they take almost as long as the main couple to get together and they have just as much development.

Overall I love this series I think that it's a great story with great characters and I think that series has a lot of heart which makes it heartbreaking when a character doesn't succeed and heartwarming when they do succeed. There is also a lot of great singing and dancing shown throughout the series which is to be expected. This series is one that has a great story and it's story is told with so much warmth and earnestness that you can't help but to feel for the characters at every turn. Please tell me your thoughts on the series in comments below.

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