Tuesday, May 2, 2017

TV Review: The Heirs

                                                           The Heirs Review
The Heirs is a Korean drama about Kim Tan an illegitimate son of a wealthy and powerful businessman who falls in love with a poor and hardworking girl named Cha Eun-sang who's mother happens to be Tan's mother's maid. In this drama the differences in economic classes is a very big deal to everyone around Tan and Eun-sang which causes a whole bunch of problems in their developing relationship with Tan's father trying to make sure the relationship doesn't succeed as well as the students at their school trying to make sure that Eun-sang knows that she doesn't deserve to be in a relationship with someone who is of a higher social class than she is. There is also another boy that likes Eun-sang named Choi Young-do is the school bully and ex-friend of Tan's and because his attempts at flirting with Eun-sang comes across more as bullying she assumes that he's just messing with her to get to Tan so she doesn't take him seriously until he confesses his feelings for her but she of course rejects because she loves Tan and because bullying someone is not the way to get to someone's heart. Despite everyone trying to keep Tan and Eun-sang from being together the two can't help falling and staying in love with each other and in the end their able to be together.

This drama is one that also has a bunch of little sub-plots that revolve around the rather large supporting cast that the show has. One of my favorite sub-plots was the relationship between Eun-sang's best friend Yoon Chan-young and his possessive girlfriend Lee Bo-na who Chan-young doesn't find possessive at all but rather he thinks that she's really cute and the two of them are basically this super sweet and cute side couple that are sickeningly in love with each other, honestly these two were my favorite part of the series. Another sub-plot I liked quite a bit was Eun-sang's mom and Tan's mom ended up developing an odd friendship with each other that I found oddly sweet.

Overall I thought this drama was okay while it certainly wasn't one of my favorites it wasn't a bad show either it was just one that I found myself board with when it was making things angsty but was actually quite fun when the show allowed itself to be fun and fluff it just didn't allow itself to be that very often. I will say that I actually that the Eun-sang and Tan were a good couple and I did enjoy them when they were allowed to be happy together it's just that I got tried of the contrived reasons to keep them apart. Please tell me your thoughts on this series.

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