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TV Review: Timeless: The Murder of Jesse James(1.12)

                                 Timeless: The Murder of Jesse James(1.12)Review
  • I like that Wyatt went to meet with the man that Flynn said killed his wife to confirm that it was the truth but I'm still worried about what's going to happen now that he knows for sure who the killer is.
  • I found it sad how Lucy realized that she forgot her sister's birthday and that she is now feeling guilty about how she isn't remembering her sister enough and how she's no closer to getting her back than she was the day she came back to discover her sister doesn't exist anymore.
  • I'm disappointed that the side that Mason chose was with Ritten house and that he's planning to have Rufus train Jiya as the next pilot of the time machine so that Ritten house can get rid of Rufus.
  • I was surprised that Flynn saved Jesse James from being killed by his own mean after they betrayed him in order to get a pardoned from the governor and I wonder what Flynn hopes to accomplish by saving his life.
  • I like that Flynn is only using Jesse James to have him lead him to someone from Ritten House and he needs a guide to lead him through hostile Native American areas.
  • I like that after they saw that Flynn and Jesse are causing problems killing people in town that Wyatt says that they should follow them and I liked that he started worrying about how people who weren't suppose to die are now dying and I liked that Wyatt found it weird that it was him and not Lucy worrying about protecting history.
  • I like that Lucy, Wyatt and Rufus are going to get help tracking down Flynn from the man that the loan ranger  was based off and I liked that Rufus was delighted to learn that the loan range was black.
  • I like that Lucy was able to get the loan ranger to help them by using his history with the native Americans and I like that she refused to let him leave her behind when they went to look for him.
  • I like that Rufus is bothered when Wyatt told him that he isn't really bothered by killing people when their bad guys and this seems to bother Rufus.
  • I like that Jiya is trying to figure out what Mason might be hiding by looking at the original flight recordings.
  • I like that Flynn is actually bothered by the fact that Jesse just always wants to kill people even if he doesn't have to and I like that Jesse tells Flynn that the two of them are similar and he says that Flynn is just using his cause as an excuse to kill.
  • I liked that Wyatt asked the Loan Ranger if killing Jesse James on site might not be the easier thing to do and I like that the Loan Ranger told him that the easy thing and the right thing aren't the same thing more often than not.
  • I liked that Rufus asked the Loan Ranger how he's able to respect and uphold the law so much when not long ago that same law kept him and his people as slaves and I like that the Loan Ranger told him that law is imperfect but it's all they've got.
  • I like that Rufus asked Wyatt what his deal was because he has been tense since before they've got there and I like that Wyatt tells him and Lucy that he went to meet with Jessica's killer. I like that although Rufus admits that he can't imagine what Wyatt is going through he still doesn't think that killing should be easy for the good guys.
  • I like that Lucy tells Wyatt and Rufus that she forgot her sister's birthday and after seeing that a lot of what Flynn says turned out be the truth she now is doubting what even is right or wrong and she no longer cares about their job she just wants things to go back to normal.
  • I found it interesting that Flynn was actually trying to rescue a woman who was stuck in the past by Mason and Ritten House.
  • I liked that Jiya actually found out about Emma the pilot that stuck in the past after she ran away from Ritten House although she thinks she died.
  • I dislike that Jesse makes Flynn give him his machine gun but I'm glad that he let Flynn and Emma go.
  • I like that the Loan Ranger still doesn't want anyone to kill Jesse James even after he kills his friend and that he still did his best to talk Wyatt out of killing him but surprisingly Lucy was the one that shot him instead.
  • I don't like that Mason and probably Ritten House now know that Emma is alive since she went to so much trouble to escape from them.
  • I liked how Wyatt told Rufus how he loved Westerns growing up and how everything was black and white and the good guys never cross the line and then he went to war and learned that the movies were full crap because no one is that good and then they meet the Loan Ranger and he was that good.
  • I think that Rufus helping Wyatt to get rid of the man that killed his wife by using the time machine is something that is going to get them in a lot of trouble.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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