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TV Review: Sweet/Vicious: Fearless(1.06)

                                              Sweet/Vicious: Fearless(1.06)Review
  • I like that Ophelia getting caught taking down a guy is something that is causing major problems for her and Jules with how the campus is being put on lockdown and the police being called in to find out who is behind the attack.
  • I'm worried that the arm injury that Ophelia has will ended up causing problems for her in the future because a stab wound on your arm is something that isn't easy to explain away and she's having a pretty hard time moving her arm right now.
  • I like that Jules is majorly freaking out about the fact that they could be caught by the police while Ophelia keeps trying to convince Jules that everything is going to be fine. I like that Jules doesn't really start to calm down until she realizes that the police are most likely focused on finding a man not a woman.
  • I liked that Harris and Tyler were both worried about Ophelia and Jules and that they both called them to check to see if they were okay after the campus went on lockdown.
  • I like that Ophelia and Jules decided to act like their really freaked out about the attack because it would make them look less suspicious that way.
  • I like that when Jules told Tyler that she's never been in a situation like this that he joked about how he's in lockdowns all the time in order to calm her down.
  • I like that Kennedy checked in with Jules to make sure she's safe and I'm glad that Jules was able to respond to her so that she won't worry.
  • I'm worried about how Harris believes that Jules is the one behind the attack and although Ophelia does convince him that Jules isn't strong enough to take down a guy but later on when Tyler refers to Jules as a ninja that gets Harris suspicious again.
  • I'm really worried that Ophelia might get caught since the police are checking everyone's arm for an injury because the attacker in the video clearly has an injured arm.
  • I kind of like how Jules and Ophelia keep freaking out about getting caught for some reason I find their arguments while freaking out fairly funny.
  • I'm worried that the campus now knowing that the people who are targeted by the attacker are rapists is something that will make the police and school consider that a girl rather than boy are behind the attack quicker than they would have if they didn't have that information.
  • I liked that Jules and Ophelia realize that the police only think that there is one attacker and that Ophelia came up with a crazy plan that involved her running around as the attacker while Harris was in the same room as Jules to convince him that Jules isn't the one behind the attacks. This plan is one that assumes me but also worries me since the police are currently looking for the attacker.
  • I'm worried about Kennedy starting to be suspicious of Jules now that she found Jules Stats book under her bed  while she was suppose to be out studying with Ophelia that night.
  • I liked that when Nate showed up and Jules was clearly freaked out that Ophelia tried to shut the door on him and that she kept telling him that they were closed and that he had to leave but sadly Harris let him stay because he couldn't see why Ophelia was trying so hard to get him to leave.
  • I like that Ophelia takes Jules upstairs to give Jules a moment to collect herself before she went back downstairs so that they could go through with their plans to convince Harris that Jules isn't the attacker.
  • I hated how Nate kept trying to talk to Jules and kept getting into her personal space even though she's clearly showing how uncomfortable she is around him. I did like that Tyler noticed that Jules looked uncomfortable about Jules and that he stepped in before Nate could really do anything.
  • I think that Ophelia's plan to convince Harris that Jules isn't the attacker just made him suspicious that Ophelia might be involved.
  • I felt so bad for Jules when she and Tyler almost had sex and then she has a flashback to Nate raping her and she throws him off her because she just couldn't go through with having sex after that.
  • I like that Jules finally confronted Nate about how he raped her and how much he disgusts her for even a second thinking that what he did to her was sex and telling him how he makes her feel like she will never be safe again and that she hates how he doesn't carry what happened that night with him at all but she does.
  • I liked that after Jules confronts Nate and breaks down that Ophelia tells her that she's in awe of Jules and that what matters most right now is Jules and how she feels.
  • I like that Jules had decided that she is going to tell Kennedy about what happened to her before she tells Tyler because Kennedy is the person that needs to know the most consider what her boyfriend is capable of.
  • I think it's sad how the campus cop was fired because he brought to the attention of the school that rapists were the ones being targeted.
  • I understand why Jules feels like she can't be in a relationship right now but I do like how Tyler tried his best to convince her that they could get through it together.
  • I hated that Nate told Kennedy that he and Jules had sex before Jules could tell her that Nate raped her and that made Kennedy believe Nate over Jules and then tells her to leave the house.
  • I liked that Jules went to Ophelia after she was told to leave the house but I'm still so sad for her that Kennedy didn't believe her story.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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