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TV Review: Scream: Halloween/Halloween II(2.13-14)

                               Scream: Halloween/Halloween II(2.13-14)Review
  • I'm just writing one review of these two episodes because on Netflix it's just one episode, so I think it's easiest just to review it this way.
  • I was happy that Kieran was sentenced to life in prison and I liked that the cops that were in charge of watching him just told him what a sick person he was.
  • I liked that when the new killer killed one of the cops and let Kieran go that he ended up killing Kieran rather than really helping Kieran escape like Kieran thought he was going to.
  • I like that Emma's mom is trying to get Emma to visit colleges so that she can think about her future and find a way to move on from everything that happened in the past year.
  • I liked that after Brooke heard about Kieran dying that she went over to Emma's house to see if she was okay and I liked that when Emma heard how Kieran died that she said he got off easy.
  • I like that Noah and Gustavo had made a comic book together about the Lakewood killings and I like that the comic book company want Noah to write about another true killing spree which is the one by Anna Hobs a girl from long a go who went crazy one night and killed her parents and the family they worked for.
  • I like that the comic executive is paying for a trip to the Island for Noah and Gustavo to do research on their next comic, Gustavo is a lot more committed to the idea of this story than Noah is. I also liked that they invited their friends to come along with them on the trip.
  • I disliked how the media kept asking Emma and Brooke questions while they walked into school.
  • I like that Audrey has a new girlfriend Gina who works at the movie theater and likes horror movies, I'm glad that Audrey moved on and is happy.
  • I like that girls are mad that Noah and Gustavo didn't mention they were going to the island to research a murder since they wanted to go on the trip to get away from all that.
  • I liked that Audrey called her girlfriend to tell her that she found a crystal unicorn because she knows how much she loves him.
  • I liked that we learned that Brooke's mom is back and that she's planning on going to NYU.
  • I'm sad that Brooke and Gustavo are having a bit of a fight because Gustavo believes she doesn't want him to go to New York with her when she does.
  • I like that Audrey is trying her best to figure out how Emma is dealing with everything that has happened.
  • I find it interesting that despite his love for horror stories that Noah insisted that he writes real stories not ghost stories.
  • I like that Audrey tries to play matchmaker with Emma and this guy named Alex.
  • I find it interesting that shortly after they all arrive on the island the museum guy is murdered by the weapons used in the Anna Hobs ghost case.
  • I like that the girls all talked about their relationship issues and I liked that they gave each other good advice.
  • I find it interesting that Alex's family is the ancestors of the family that was murdered by Anna Hobbs.
  • I don't like how Gustavo flirted with the lands keeper a girl named Billie in order for her to tell them more about Anna Hobbs legend.
  • I actually found the story of Anna Hobbs to be a pretty interesting one but I also like that Noah is worried about the story not being true because he doesn't want to continue spreading a story that is alive.
  • I really like that Emma and Alex seem to have so many things in common with their backgrounds.
  • I like that Gustavo told Brooke how he feels sometimes she doesn't really want to be with him and I like that Brooke reassured him that wasn't true.
  • I find it interesting that it took two people getting killed before anyone noticed that people have been murdered.
  • I find it really weird and creepy that the killer called Emma and told her that she'd never get away from him.
  • I like that Audrey is suspecting the comic executive who is desperate for a new best seller that he would combine two different killing spree legends because I suspect that guy as well.
  • I was surprised when Audrey's girlfriend Gina showed up on the island.
  • I like how Emma wants to ask Alex for help to get off the island since they don't want to stay there when a killer's on the loose.
  • I liked that Gina was freaking out over the whole ordeal and that Audrey just kept comforting her.
  • I was sad that it turned out that someone stole Alex boat so they couldn't escape but I wasn't surprised by that since there was still a lot of time left in the episode at that point.
  • I liked that when they got to the mansion that Gustavo told Gina all about the legend of Anna Hobbs which just made her more freaked out and I liked that Audrey told her to cut it off.
  • I like that Noah and Gustavo planned to try to use an old radio to contact the police since the phones are all down.
  • I liked that Emma told Alex about everything that happened and I liked that Alex pointed out that that explains why they all seemed so calm with whatever they're dealing with.
  • I disliked that Audrey suspected Gina of murder and Gina was understandable mad at Audrey for this and Gina accused Audrey of keeping her at arms length.
  • I liked how when the comic executive showed up and Audrey was very for accusing him of being the killer that Alex diffused the situation and then locked him a room by himself so he couldn't hurt anyone if he's the killer.
  • I felt bad for Noah when he was blaming himself for what is happening since they came to the island because he had writers block and I liked that Gustavo told him that he's being pretty self involved there in his way of telling Noah that this isn't his fault.
  • I kind of like that Gina is jealous of Audrey and Emma's relationship because of how Audrey always chooses Emma over her.
  • I liked that Gustavo told Noah that problem Noah is having isn't really writers block but survivors guilt and I like that while Noah feels bad about profiting out off of murder that Gustavo has no such problem.
  • I was so disappointed to learn that Alex was the killer but I wasn't all that surprised that he was because I felt that there were a lot of hints to this but I didn't want it to be true.
  • I liked that when they went into the master bedroom that Noah started geeking out about the Anna Hobbs mystery and I like that Audrey told him to focus on the murders that are happening now and in this century.
  • I liked that they found a secret passage way behind the bookcase that lead to the caretakers home and this led Noah to discovering that Anna Hobbs isn't the actual killer in the murders that took place a century ago.
  • I liked that it turned out that Alex isn't really Alex instead he's some guy named Tom whose parents were murder and he was left with their bodies for four days and that he went on the killing spree because he believes him and Emma are the same and that their meant to be together.
  • I liked that Emma played Tom to think that she was on the same page as him long enough for her to escape.
  • I liked that Audrey told Gina that while Emma is an important part of her life and that's never going to change that her relationship with Emma and her relationship with Gina are two different things so they don't have to compete.
  • I liked that it was decided that Gustavo will be going to New York with Brooke next year.
  • I find it interesting that the killer that killed Kieran is still on the loose at the end of the episode.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode and the season as a whole.

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