Monday, March 31, 2014

TV Review: Star-Crossed: Pilot(1.01)

                                                     Star-Crossed: Pilot(1.01)Review
  • I liked that the race of aliens called the Atrians came because their planet was dying and they came in peace and hoped that earth would be their new home sadly the humans decided that they were evil before they even had a chance to speak so the Atrians of course defended themselves and everyone generally thinks their trying to invade the planet.
  • I loved that when little Emery found Roman hiding in her shed even though she knew he must be an alien she decides to help hide him gives a blanket, some food and taught him how to play with yarn.
  • I liked how this show is set ten years in the future and that things are higher tech but not too outlandishly high tech for the most part.
  • I liked how it was explained that the Atrians are kept in a base that is highly guarded and seven Atrians are going to go to school with humans for the first time which has got a lot of people really upset.
  • I really loved the friendship between Emery and Julia, I liked knowing that they used to be hospital buddies before Emery got better recently.
  • I liked that it was Emery first day at the school because she had been out in the hospital for the past 4 years and I liked how Lucas explained the way the school works to her.
  • I liked that Roman recognized Emery right away when he saw her.
  • I liked the scene where Grayson tells Emery how to open her locker it was a pretty cute scene.
  • I really love how sarcastic Roman is when ever he's confront by those human guys that just seem to really hate all Atrians Roman always has some sarcastic response that I find I really funny.
  • I liked Roman's sister actually had an interest in making friends with humans which seems to be different from all the other Atrians.
  • I find it interesting that Emery has believed for ten years that Roman was killed the day that he was taken away.
  • I liked how when Emery is invited to a party by the popular girl she makes sure to get her friend Lucas invited as well.
  • I liked how Roman went up to talk to Emery about her club where people can go visit people in the hospital and paint or scrapbook with them because he clearly likes her and wants an excuse to talk to her and he didn't care that people were watching them.
  • I liked that when that one jerk tried to provoke Roman after he talked to Emery that Roman just basically respond to all of his comments with sarcastic responses instead of getting into a fight like that guy clearly wanted.
  • I was sad when Julia said that she was stopping her treatment not because she was getting better but because she couldn't stand seeing her parents keep getting their hopes up only for them to be dashed.
  • I liked that Emery snuck herself and Julia into the Atrians base in order to find cypher a plant that is suppose to be able to cure illness in order to cure Julia.
  • I liked that when there was a lockdown at the base during Emery and Julia's visit that Roman found them and snuck them up to the garden.
  • It sad to learn that cypher by itself isn't able to cure illnesses.
  • I liked that Emery learned Roman is the little boy she kept save when they were little and I liked that Roman thanked her for being kind when everyone else was cruel.
  • I disliked how when Roman defended his sister after she was being harassed by like three or four guys that Roman was the one that was called an animal just because he got into a bit of a fight.
  • I liked how Roman's father who is in charge of the program for integration truly has faith that Atrians and humans can live in peace.
  • I liked that Roman went after his friends to stop them from getting in trouble by beating up their jerk classmates and being caught off the base.
  • I liked that when the cops came Emery went with Roman and I liked the moment they shared when held their palms together and almost kissed.
  • I was worried that Julia was going to die towards the end of the episode but I'm glad that Roman was able to save her by combining his blood with cypher.
  • I was sad that Roman's father looks to have been killed.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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