Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Book Review: The Maze Runner

                                                        The Maze Runner Review
The Maze Runner is about this place called the Glade which is where a whole bunch of young boys have been sent after they have gotten their memories wiped and now they live in this place where they are cut off from the rest of civilization and they have to solve this giant maze which is filled with these deadly creatures called grievers in order to get back home. We learn about this world through the main character Thomas's point of view although we learn about through very small fragmented pieces of information which is frustrating for both Thomas and the reader.

Things start to change in the Glade soon after Thomas's arrival with the arrival of the first ever girl Teresa who somehow triggers the ending which makes the sun in sky kind of go out and keeps the maze from closing at night. All the changes that are due to the ending makes finding a way out of the maze even more important then it was before because there is no the threat of death in the very near future if they can't get out of there.

I overall really did like this book but I feel like it's a bit hard to talk about without spoiling everything because the book is mostly about figuring out the mysteries of the maze the purpose behind the maze which are not really revealed until the end of the book. Also while I did enjoy all the major characters in the book there weren't a ton of deep character moments through out the book so there's not really much to talk about on that front either. On a side note since I read this book mostly because I really liked the cast for the movie and well I'm still really looking forward to seeing the movie after reading the book which I think is a good thing. Please tell me your thoughts on this book.

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