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TV Review: Revenge: Payback(3.14)

                                                      Revenge: Payback(3.14)Review
  • I liked how Emily went to see a doctor about her blackouts right away at the beginning of this episode to see if she had any brain damage because that's the smart thing to do when something like this happens.
  • I find it kind of funny that Victoria and Conrad are just causally discussing their second divorce to each other like it's totally normal to go through more than one with the same person.
  • I find it interesting that Patrick burnt down the gallery in order to get close to Jimmy but I'm unsure if his motive was to kill him or get to know him better either way I dislike that he doesn't listen to Victoria when she asks him to fire him since she's clearly still frightened by Jimmy.
  • I like that Margaux clearly told Jack about her deal with Conrad between the episodes and that it showed that him being involved with the magazine had caused quite a few people to quit on her.
  • I liked how Charolette asked Daniel to give her an internship at the magazine for her birthday and I liked that she ended up getting one despite the fact that he couldn't give one to her, I also liked that Daniel through her a big birthday party.
  • I liked that Emily went and told Nolan about her blackouts at the beginning of this episode and she had him hack into the security footage of the South Fork Inn and it was confirmed that nothing happened between Emily and Conrad. I also liked that Nolan had told Aiden to leave before Emily came over since he didn't want her to be uncomfortable.
  • I find it interesting that Conrad's first wife Stevie is now a very successful divorce lawyer and that Emily as part of some plan she made while blacked out with Conrad asked her to come to the Hamptons.
  • I found it very disorienting that when Emily would keep blacking out and that we in general didn't get to see her during the times she was blacking out so we would loose huge chucks of time with her which made it hard to connect with things through out the episode especially for me since Emily is my favorite character and I'm always the most attached to her story so not getting much of one for her this week really bothered me.
  • I loved that Niko had figured out that Aiden was the one that killed her father and that she drugged him stuffed him in a trunk the tied him up. While I think that Niko laid out a ton of great reasons as to why Aiden deserves to die but I didn't like that Niko planned to kill Emily to punish Aiden because none of the awful things Aiden has done are Emily's fault.
  • I really hated how Aiden tried to make it seem like he didn't to anything wrong with Niko because he may have told her the truth someday and he said that her father's death was by his own code but I'm glad that Niko didn't buy into anything he said because he was wrong about just about everything.
  • I liked how when Conrad gave Stevie a deed to Grayson Manor which is something that she had wanted during their divorce that she want it because she's happy now.
  • I liked how Margaux calmly ended a meeting that Conrad started at the magazine that he started without her being there and she told him that he isn't to do those type of things and that it's her magazine and she's the one that's in charge there.
  • I liked the exchange between Victoria and Stevie it was very entertaining and pretty bitchy which I always enjoy.
  • I liked how Nolan noticed when Emily went off the radar and spent what seems like all night looking for her when he thought she had blacked out.
  • I dislike that Emily blacked out so quickly after recovering from her first black out of the episode.
  • I liked that when Emily came out of her black out her first thought was to call Nolan to see what was going on.
  • I liked that Conrad seemed to be sincerely worried about Emily's well being when it came to Daniel.
  • I really felt Victoria's horror when she saw Jimmy talking to Charolette and thinking back to what he did to her and think he might do it to Charolette as well.
  • I like that Margaux noticed that Conrad's moving in on her magazine has something to do with getting her father's attention and she's determined to find out why he wants it.
  • I liked that it was explained that the reason Emily was separated from Nolan after she was blacked out was because she threatened to harm him if he followed her because while I don't like what her black out state self said to him it's the only reason that makes sense that he would leave her like this.
  • I like that Emily felt horrible for how she treated Nolan when she wasn't herself and said sorry for that and I liked that Nolan didn't seem to care about that but rather for her mental state and how he wished there was a way he could keep her safe from herself.
  • I liked that when Aiden left a ton of stuff at Nolan's place he was annoyed rather than concerned about him.
  • I liked that black out Emily made sure that Niko found evidence to link Aiden to her father's murder and would then kill him.
  • I really hated how Jimmy went to attack Victoria after he realized who she was and I liked that Patrick defended her and that Victoria told him the same thing he said to her when he raped her while he was dying on the floor.
  • I enjoyed the fight scene between Emily and Niko and I liked that Emily won it by herself but I still dislike Niko trying to punish Emily for Aiden's crimes.
  • While I'm glad that Aiden convinced Emily not to kill Niko I hated how he tried to make Niko seem like she was in the wrong for wanting vengeance for her father's death despite the fact that everyone in that room has devoted their lives to vengeance.
  • I really hated how Aiden got mad at Emily for trying to kill him right after she told him that she had been blacking out and had no idea that she did it or why she did it or what she might do next. I hate how Aiden made it all about himself again even though she's clearly going through something really scary and traumatic that she can't control and could really use some help but he's still just mad at her for breaking up with him.
  • I liked how when Daniel tried to tell Charolette that he thinks that Emily's planning something with Conrad that Charolette points out that makes no sense because as far as she knows Lydia shot Emily, so I like that Charolette now seems a bit suspicious of Daniel.
  • I liked how Nolan brought up that Emily maybe should see someone about her black outs because she may be coming down with the same mental illness that her mother had which I think it's implied that she when she was on medication she handled her illness pretty well it's just she was off it most of her time on the show.
  • I liked that Emily broke down a bit to Nolan about how she's going after the wrong people and she's afraid she might have what a mother has and I liked that he comforted her with a hug and that she let him.
  • I was very surprised to find out that Stevie is Jack's mother.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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