Wednesday, March 19, 2014

TV Review: Grimm: Stories We Tell Our Young(3.06)

                                        Grimm: Stories We Tell Our Young(3.06)Review
  • I'm interested in why Renard has went to Vienna to meet with his family which many members of it still seem to want him dead and that he doesn't want anyone to know where he's gone.
  • I find the story of how the boy Daniel was believed to be possessed by a demon since there isn't any known method to deal with his condition to be frightening because it's not something anyone can explain or are willing to fight.
  • I liked how Nick tried to find a Wesson explanation about what is going on with the boy and that the one that he got was basically it's a Wesson spirit that posses non-Wesson children and are always dealt with by killing the child.
  • I liked the idea of the council with Wesson's having their own laws that they have to follow and I liked how Rosalee felt it was her duty to inform them of the child while Monroe was okay with just letting Nick handle things which would be very bad for him if the council ever found out about him keeping this type of thing from them.
  • I liked how Nick with the help of Juliette were able to figure out that Daniel was not in fact possessed but rather infected with a parasite and that killing the parasite would cure Daniel of his condition and I like that they were able to cure him.
  • I liked how Nick let the Council guy go in order to spread the word that cases like this can be cured by means other killing.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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