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TV Review: Revenge: Addiction(3.17)

                                                   Revenge: Addiction(3.17)Review

  • I liked how Victoria was offend when Pascal tried to buy her affections by buying her, her favorite painting and I liked that Conrad called Pascal an idiot for trying to win Victoria over with one grand gesture.
  • I liked how Nolan was looking into who the TWM looked into for Emily and I liked how Emily planned to get closer to Pascal to find out what he knows that she doesn't about the Grayson's.
  • I disliked how Daniel wants to go after Emily's friends in order to get her out of town and that he's involving Charlotte in them but I'm glad she seemed wary of the idea and told Daniel to leave Jack out of it.
  • I liked how when Emily be charming towards Pascal didn't work to get information because of the scandalous way her marriage to Daniel ended last episode that she came up with a new plan to get close to him right away.
  • I liked how Conrad tried to convince Victoria get with Pascal by telling her that he doesn't like the idea which of course lead Victoria to consider giving him a chance.
  • I liked how when Margaux was offered a job as an editor for a magazine in Rome that Jack encouraged her to take the job because he cared about her happiness more than he cared about his own.
  • I liked how Nolan introduced Emily and Javier by calling Javier his wannabe bestie and Emily his actual bestie.
  • I hated how Daniel convinced Margaux to stay by making her think that she has a reason to distrust Jack when it comes to his relationship with Emily because she doesn't at least not at this point although I'm glad she could tell he was manipulating her sadly that didn't keep her from being mildly jealous.
  • I liked how Emily's plan to get close to Pascal involved her hosting a party that involved gambling and all the benefits went to his favorite charity, I also like how she summed it up as his favorite virtue and vice.
  • I think it's nice that Jack cares enough about Emily that he's willing to encourage her to get back together with someone he hates because he can tell Emily really cared for Aiden but I really think that Emily's better off without Aiden.
  • I liked the scene between Victoria and Daniel where she tells him about her past relationship with Pascal.
  • I continue to hate Aiden with how much of an ass he was to Emily when she flew along way to come see him which obviously meant that she cares about him and he's just all bitter that she broke up with him while she was going through something traumatic. I also hate that Emily had to basically beg for him to forgive her even though he has done way worse things to her in the past and it was completely understandable why she broke things off with him.
  • I like Aiden's line "I'm not Nolan you can't give me the cold shoulder than expect me to save you the next day." because it shows why Nolan is so much better for Emily than Aiden could ever hope to be since Emily has a lot of issues being open emotionally so she's going to end up giving her loved ones the cold shoulder every once in awhile but Aiden doesn't seem to understand this about her while Nolan does.
  • I liked how Margaux won control of her magazine from her father by making him risk a scandal and being the one that could offer the solution to his problem and I liked that this led her father to seeing how capable she truly is.
  • I feel bad for Stevie with Conrad coming and confronting her about Jack and all the things that went wrong in their marriage because it's something that's clearly very stressful for her to deal with and Conrad only truly cared about getting back the deed to Grayson manor to give to Pascal to give to Victoria so those two could do business together.
  • I liked how when Daniel tried to make Emily look bad by asking her how she was paying for the party she pulled out his credit card and revealed she had been using it.
  • I find it odd that Charlotte found Javier's flirting with her charming rather creepy like I found it.
  • I liked how Nolan got Javier to leave the party by saying that he was considering letting him help him with his new project.
  • I liked that Jack was happy for Margaux when he found out she won control of her magazine but was wary of it once he found out that Daniel was involved.
  • I liked how even though Emily officially won the poker game against Victoria she knows that Victoria could have beat her so she knew to be careful about what she said to Pascal.
  • I liked that Emily was able to figure that Pascal had a camera in his office and pretty much refused to say anything else after that.
  • I liked how Victoria told Pascal that she wasn't just tracking Emily but hunting her.
  • I liked how Emily and Nolan where going over how neither of them were able to find out who TWM by the end of the episode together.
  • I like that Aiden provide the information that TWM was his father and that he didn't come back for Emily since I hate their relationship but I dislike that he's such a jerk about it to Emily.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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