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TV Review: Teen Wolf: The Divine Move(3.24)

                                           Teen Wolf: The Divine Move(3.24)Review
  • I liked that the episode started off with Lydia, Scott and Isaac all looking traumatized by Alison's death.
  • I liked the flashback with Chris going over with Scott what story their telling the police and I liked how Scott couldn't really focus on it since all he could think about was loosing Alison and he asked how Chris could be doing this he said because this is what they do, I liked this moment because it showed a glimpse of his pain but also tells how fighting these demons have the price of loosing their loved ones and not having the time to mourn them.
  • I liked that Isaac almost broke down several times during this episode because it's a natural reaction to have.
  • I liked how Stiles was over at the Yukimura house and how they went over what had to be done to win this fight was a divine move.
  • I find it so sad that Stiles thinks that him dying is good news compared to Alison's death I consider both of these things terrible news.
  • I liked how Stiles realized that the one who knows the most about the nematon is Deaton and that he got that information to Scott and Lydia about how they need to find a way to trap the Nogitsune inside the nematon.
  • I liked Derek's whole speech to the twins about how if they really want to be worthy to be in Scott's pack they have to fight for his cause which is to protect his friends no matter how many odds are against them. I love how much this speech shows that Derek admires Scott.
  • I liked how Isaac went home with Chris and how Chris told him he'll be okay because he knows how to compartmentalize his feelings because he had dealt with this type of situation before and I love that Isaac says he doesn't know how to do that and when he started to breakdown Chris pulled him into a hug and for a brief moment allowed himself to mourn Alison with Isaac.
  • I liked how the container that held Derek's mom's claws actually played an important role with it being the container that trapped the Nogitsune.
  • I kind of liked seeing the mass chaos the Nogitsune caused because it's what really made him a terrifying villain was the fact that his only goal was to cause chaos and that he would never be satisfied.
  • I liked how Melissa told Agent McCall he was being an idiot for calling things quits with trying to make up with Scott after one little fight because what he needs to do prepare his relationship with Scott is try harder to be a better father in the future not to just say sorry about something that happened years ago.
  • I liked how Isaac figured out that Alison had figured out that Onis can be killed with sliver and I loved that Isaac and Chris decided to use Alison's remaining sliver arrow heads to finish what she started, I just loved that Alison was able to help in final battle even though she was dead.
  • I really loved how Lydia had to hold Stiles upright for most of the episode because I loved seeing them touching each other so much and I loved how close they were especially since a lot of the time she had her arms wrapped all around him.
  • I liked how Stiles told Scott that he wanted to defeat the Oni even it kills him and that Scott told him that the plan was to save him and that's the only plan that he's sticking to.
  • I liked that inside the school there was a wintertime garden as an illusion because that looked really cool.
  • I liked how when a part of the illusion told the group that the way to win the game was for Scott to behead Stiles that it was clear that Scott would never do this no matter how many lives it would supposedly save.
  • I liked how Scott and Kira fought the Oni in the illusion back to back and I liked how Kira brought up that a month a go she didn't even know how to use a sword and now she's a pro.
  • I liked how Lydia mentioned that the illusion place can't possibly be real and that Stiles said that they think it is which turned out to be pretty important.
  • I liked how when Stiles tried to sacrifice himself by stabbing himself with Kira's sword that he saw in the reflection that this whole think was an illusion and that he ends up coming up with a divine move of his own and tells everyone that it isn't real and to just walk through it to escape it.
  • I liked how Stiles, Lydia, Scott and Kira worked together to get the Nogitsune where they want him then have Scott bite him and Kira stab which turned him back into a fly and then  Isaac trapped the fly and the Nogitsune was destroyed at last and Stiles didn't die because of this.
  • I'm glad that Aiden was the one that died because I also hated him and I don't think he could ever redeem himself but felt sad for Ethan and Lydia because despite their relationship's complete lack of depth seeing him dead had to hurt especially since she just lost her best friend a few hours earlier.
  • I liked that when Lydia saw Aiden was dead she hugged Stiles for comfort.
  • I liked that Isaac and Chris seem to be developing a bond with each other.
  • I liked the scene where Scott broke down about Alison's death and his mother comforted him.
  • I liked that Kira was talking to Lydia at the end of the episode because it seems they are developing a friendship which I would like.
  • I'm a little confused that Malia can actually go to high school consider she was coyote for eight years but I guess she really must be a fast learner. I also liked the brief look exchange between Lydia and Malia.
  • I liked that when Ethan and Danny broke up that Danny mentions that he knows that Ethan is a werewolf and that he has a pretty good idea about just how strange Beacon Hills really is.
  • I liked that Stiles was shown taking town his wall of evidence because it was sign of him finally being better.
  • I liked the scene where Scott taught Malia how to bring out her claws it was very nice and playful.
  • I liked how Deaton told Scott that things always regress to the mean and I liked how Scott took it mean that things will always get better but Deaton meant that things will always balance out.
  • I found it strange that Derek would talk to Stiles about the hunters looking for the she-wolf but it made sense once he wanted to know whether or not he was dreaming.
  • I loved that the She-wolf turned out to be Kate rather than Cora like Derek assumed it would be and I'm really interested to see what her role will be next season and I like that she's back because I've began to appreciate Kate a lot more after rewatching the show a couple of times.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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