Friday, March 7, 2014

TV Review: Bates Motel: Gone, But Not Forgotten(2.01)

                                   Bates Motel: Gone, But Not Forgotten(2.01)Review
  • I liked how after Norma heard about Miss Watson's death that she became slightly suspicious that Norman may have been the one that killed her since she knows he was with her the night before.
  • I liked that Norman was really upset by Miss Watson's death even though he was the one that killed her he clearly didn't know this.
  • I liked how Norma pointed out that Norman only knew one side of Miss Watson and I liked how you could tell that Norma was just holding out some hope that Miss Watson wasn't as nice as she appeared to be since she so badly didn't want Norman to be looked at as a person of interest in her murder.
  • I was surprised by Bradley's suicide attempted early on in the episode but I was glad to learn that she survived it and then spent several months in a mental hospital.
  • I liked that there was a 4 month time skip early on in the episode because that passage of time I think really helped the story.
  • I liked that the motel was actually having pretty good business and that this put Norma in a better mood than normal.
  • I liked how when Norman was working on taxidermy and said just let me finish this that Norma pointed out she had no idea how long that would take, I also liked that she was concerned with how much time he spent working on taxidermy.
  • I don't really like how Norman sent letters to Bradley everyday when she was in the hospital because after awhile it just comes off as creepy rather than thoughtful.
  • I liked that Dylan wanted to start paying rent to Norma and while I think Dylan did have a point about how the entire town is run on drug money I can understand why she doesn't want to take money that comes from that business.
  • I liked that Norma was really concerned about Norman not being able to get over Miss Watson's death and his whole thing with spending more time with the dead than the living because this is something that should worry a parent so I'm glad that these were her concerns for Norman this episode.
  • While the whole thing with the building a new main road is crappy deal for Norma and I understand why she's so upset I think it's completely unrealistic that she can do something to stop it.
  • I liked that Bradley seems to be distant and a lot more screwed up than she was before since returning from the hospital. I find Gill being willing to give Bradley some information about her father (that Bradley is clearly desperate to get) only if she's willing to do sexual things with him to be majorly creepy.
  • I liked that when Norman came over to Bradley's that he told her that he would always be there for her as a friend, I'm glad that he said as a friend because his crush on her creeps me out a bit at this point.
  • I liked that Dylan warned Bradley to stay out of drug business stuff because he was afraid that she would get hurt if she kept looking for answers.
  • I like that Dylan didn't contact Bradley because he knows Norman likes her and he didn't want to cross that line with him but I understand why Bradley would be upset with him because she really needed to talk to someone while she was in the hospital and he was really the only one she felt she could trust.
  • I think that Norman going to Romero about Miss Watson just ended up making himself seem suspicious.
  • I liked how Norman tearful told Norma what he remembered about the night that Miss Watson died and that even though Norma convinced Norman he didn't do anything wrong you can tell she's pretty sure that Norman killed Miss Watson during one of his blackouts.
  • I found the scene where Bradley seduced and killed Gill to be pretty disturbing but I really do think that Gill deserved what he got for being such a creep.
  • I like how Bradley went to Norman after she killed Gill and I'm really looking forward to where this storyline could go in the future which surprises me quite a bit.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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