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TV Review: Revenge: Struggle(3.15)

                                               Revenge: Struggle(3.15)Review
  • I was really sad that Emily destroyed the carving of the double infinity sign during her black out state.
  • I thought it was weird that Patrick was feeling so much guilt for killing Jimmy because this isn't the first time he accidently killed someone and Jimmy was actually an awful person so it seems weird that it's effecting him so much now.
  • I like that Stevie although probably hiding a lot more than she revealed to Jack in this episode really does care for him even though she wasn't able to be there for him.
  • I like how Emily went to Nolan once she realized what she did when she was blacked out and I liked how Nolan told her that at least she hadn't hurt someone and he tried to get her to put down the knife she was still holding although she didn't listen to him.
  • I liked how after Emily angrily told Nolan that she wasn't going to see a doctor that Nolan said that he would help her and that the two of them could leave town together.
  • I liked how when Emily said that she was going to kill everyone that Nolan told her to not to because it's something he knows that she would regret doing later and I liked how he called after her although that didn't stop her from leaving.
  • I like how Nolan went to Aiden to help with Emily basically because he knows that Aiden is the only person that can help her not because he trust or like Aiden and I liked that Nolan said that if Takeda was still alive he would have went to him over Aiden.
  • I really hated how Aiden was mad at Emily for things she did when she wasn't in her right mind and that he thinks that he doesn't have to help Emily yet the show still claims he loves her. I loved that Nolan pointed out that Aiden owes Emily since she rescued Aiden from himself many of times.
  • I like how Charlotte is working as a spy on Conrad and that he doesn't expect a thing because he just completely adores spending time with her.
  • I liked how Stevie helped made sure that Jack got the house he wanted but I also liked how Jack told her that she either needed to give him some answers about why she was never part of his life or stay out of his life.
  • I really disliked how Victoria blamed Nolan for Patrick being mentally unstable after killing Jimmy because he had no idea that him giving Patrick a little bit of information could lead to anything too bad.
  • I really disliked how Aiden's plans to help Emily just involved drowning her over and over again I know it ended up working out okay but it seems like something that should've made things worse not better.
  • I really enjoyed seeing the flashbacks with Emily and her dad from their last night and day together although they didn't add much new information I missed seeing them. I also liked that Emily always knew that Victoria hated her.
  • I really thought it was stupid for Emily and Aiden to make out where they did because I was sure that they would be caught and while I had this thought many times about this relationship I was finally right about it this time.
  • I liked how Nolan pointed out that Patrick has killed quite a few people since coming to town and pretty much said that Victoria was a bad influence on him. I also liked how Victoria pretended to want to kill Stevie in order to make Patrick believe that as long as he's near her she's going to have him kill people for her.
  • I liked how Jack confided in Emily about Stevie being his birth mother and that he revealed that the woman who raised him was who he thought was both his and Declan's mother and that he asked Emily for advice on how to deal with this situation and that she told him to be open to her, it was a very sweet moment between these two and I really love them as friends.
  • I liked how Nolan and Victoria were actually working together in order to get Patrick to leave town and I liked that although they working together on this task that Nolan did imply he took some small amount of pleasure in being able to break Victoria's heart.
  • I'm curious to find out why Conrad wants to see Margaux's father Pascal so much.
  • I liked that it was revealed that Stevie stayed away from Jack because she was a recovering alcoholic and that Conrad and Victoria where a trigger for her.
  • I love how Nolan gave Emily a new high tech infinity box that only opened to her touch.
  • I'm curious as to why Stevie thought about representing Emily's father at one point.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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