Wednesday, March 12, 2014

TV Review: Bates Motel: Shadow of a Doubt(2.02)

                                      Bates Motel: Shadow of  a Doubt(2.02)Review
  • I found it a little strange that Bradley spent the whole night in Norman's basement before she told him that she killed Gil but I can understand why she want to tell him.
  • Even though I found it odd how Norma asked her doctor about blackouts I'm glad that she's taking Norman's blackouts seriously enough now to at least ask someone about them.
  • I find the whole thing with Gil's death setting off a potential war between the two drug families to be interesting and frightening.
  • I liked that Norma went to the library to check out books on mental health but I find it strange that what she seemed to take a way from her visit was that she and Norman should audition for community theater musical in order to bond more.
  • I find it interesting that Miss Watson's father is the head of the other drug family and I find all the stuff we have learned about Miss Watson's lifestyle after her death to be very interesting as well.
  • I liked that Dylan kind of guessed that Norman might know what's going on with Bradley and that you could tell he suspected that Bradley might've been the one to kill Gil.
  • I think it's worrisome and dangerous that Zane the new guy in charge of the drug operation is pretty much reckless idiot.
  • I like that Norman was helping Bradley get out of town and start over and didn't seem to try to be anything more than her friend.
  • I think that for someone who claims to never sing that Norman is quite good at singing.
  • I find it interesting that this drug dealer Kyle who dealt bad drugs, killed his ex-girlfriend and had had sex with Miss Watson shortly before her death who Romero is charging with her murder is someone that Romero clearly wants to take down but I also think Romero knows he didn't kill Miss Watson.
  • I liked how Norma confronted Norman about the pearls she found in his room that they both know are Miss Watson and while Norman is still thinking up other possibilities of what could have happened that night Norma knows that he killed her and she's so scared she's loosing Norman because of this.
  • I liked that Norman agreed to go through with the musical auditions for his mom after she broke down instead of driving Bradley to the bus station because Norma being happy was more important to him.
  • I liked that Norman called Dylan and had him drive Bradley to the bus station and that Dylan went through with it and had Bradley write a suicide note so that if anyone found out that she's Gil's killer no one would try to hurt her for it.
  • I found Norma's brother showing up looking for her to be frightening since I believe she mentioned last season that he use to rape her.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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