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TV Review: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: T.A.H.I.T.I(1.14)

                                  Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: T.A.H.I.T.I(1.14)Review
  • I liked that the team got Skye to a real a medical center in order to treat her wounds.
  • I liked how when Fitz started to blame himself for happened to Skye that Simmons and Ward reassured him that it wasn't his fault. I also liked that when it sounded like Ward was going to start blaming himself that May pointed out that the only person that the should be blaming is the guy that shot her Ian Quinn.
  • I found it extremely sad when the doctor told Coulson and the team that Skye probably wasn't going to make it through and it was even more sad when the doctor said that they should call her family since Skye doesn't really have any but it was heartwarming when Coulson said that the team is her family.
  • I loved how after hearing that Skye was probably going to die that May went to beat Quinn to death, I really liked seeing May so upset about this because she's not usually very emotional and she probably has the least close relationship with Skye so it was great to see how much she truly cares about Skye in this scene.
  • I loved that Coulson was willing to do anything to save Skye's life including going to the people who saved him.
  • I liked that Coulson told the rest of his team about how he died for days and then was brought back to life in order to let the rest of the team know what he was trying to do help save Skye.
  • I liked how Coulson had Fitz and Simmons look through his file to try to figure out how he was saved and how it could be used to save Skye and that Coulson mentioned he understood less than half of what was in there.
  • I liked how May told Ward that it's important for people like them to have people like Coulson because he doesn't give up hope when all seems lost.
  • I liked the character Garrett who seemed to be an old friend of Coulson's and was Ward's S.O. which gave nice little bits of backstory for all of these characters.
  • I liked how Coulson was able to convince Garrett to let him keep Quinn on the plane for questioning because he understood that if Skye died Coulson wanted to make sure that Quinn did to.
  • I liked how Ward was clearly a favorite of Garrett's and that the guy Triplett who was currently working with Garrett was clearly jealous about this.
  • I loved how rough Garrett was with Quinn because he had lost his own guys to Quinn in the past and even though he doesn't know Skye he still thinks he's scum for shooting her.
  • I find it interesting that the clairvoyant wanted Quinn to shoot Skye in order to find out how Coulson was healed.
  • I find it interesting that even in the file that Coulson got about his death is still filled with secrets and even Fitz and Simmons could only understand 70% of it.
  • I liked how Simmons mentions that she wasn't sure if they should use the methods that saved Coulson on Skye because of ethical reasons.
  • I liked that while May wasn't against Coulson trying to save Skye she was still worried that he was doing exactly what the clairvoyant wanted him to do and I liked that Coulson was fine with that as long as it saved Skye.
  • I liked how Fitz and Simmons were able to find out where to get the stuff to save Skye from finding a paper trial in S.H.I.E.L.D.'s records and I liked that when they came to an encrypted file that there first thought was that Skye could have cracked it and that they solved it by thinking of what Skye would do in that situation.
  • I liked that Coulson, Ward, Fitz and Garrett broke into the place to get the medicine to save Skye and I liked how Fitz helped with getting into the place by hacking into the electrical system.
  • I liked how Simmons described Skye as someone she couldn't be more different from but also someone she couldn't imagine living without.
  • I'm glad that Skye was saved in the end even though the stuff that saved her came from this alien guy who may have still been alive but was being used to heal people.
  • I'm curious about the lady Lorelei from the end of the episode who stole this sweet guy from his new bride.

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  1. This show had a great opener, then took a downward turn with the storyline pretty flat, but it has been really good sine December and just keeps getting better and better!
    I really can't wait to see where they're going to go from here.