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TV Review: Revenge: Disgrace(3.16)

                                                      Revenge: Disgrace(3.16)Review
  • I kind of loved how Daniel and Victoria bonded over Daniel being able to use his photos of Emily and Aiden to get a divorce from Emily and how Victoria wanted to have a front row seat to see him dump her.
  • I liked how Emily and Nolan were working together to look into Stevie's past to see what her connection to the David Clarke case was.
  • I liked how Emily wanted to keep Jack out of things as long as she could because she doesn't want to ruin his life anymore than she already has.
  • I understand Margaux's frustration with her father Pascal who she just asked for help getting rid of Conrad but he seems to be sticking around and making nice with Conrad far too long for her taste.
  • I liked how Emily's plan was to basically just find out as much information as she could from Stevie but had no plans to destroy her in anyway.
  • I liked that Jack asked Emily to leave his mom out of her plans and that she ended respecting Jack's request for the rest of the episode. I also liked that both Jack and Emily acknowledge that they are now in a good place with each other in their friendship and they really haven't been in one for quite sometime before this.
  • I like how Conrad wanted to meet with Pascal because he wants to merge their companies and that Pascal is completely uninterested in this idea.
  • I like the flirtation between Victoria and Pascal with Pascal being super interested in her and Victoria barely giving him the time of day expect when he gave her a designer gown for the opera.
  • I liked how Magaux and Jack are very honest in their relationship and that they both discuss their parental issues with each other and that Jack was able to relate with Margaux frustrations when it comes to her dad not letting her run her magazine.
  • I liked that when Daniel threatened to divorce Emily that she gave a preview of what she would say on the stand which had an impress display of emotions from her and how she would tell the world how Daniel shot her.
  • I liked how Emily told Nolan that while she does want to eventually divorce Daniel she wants to make sure that it is on her own terms.
  • I liked how Stevie was able to figure out that Emily was more than she claims to be while still not figuring out who she really is and I liked that Emily told her just that she was a friend to Amanda and believed in David Clarke's innocence.
  • I liked how Stevie ended up telling Emily pretty much all she knew about the David Clarke case because Emily has shown that she cared for Amanda.
  • I liked how Nolan found Javier a hacker that he met in prison that he offered to let stay with him if he had nowhere else to go, in his kitchen. Javier made me laugh quite a bit and I liked how Nolan was very frustrated to find him in his house but still let him stay.
  • I liked how Stevie convinced Jack that clear David Clarke's name is worth the risk and that she stated that cases like David Clarke's is why she became a lawyer in the first place.
  • I liked how Victoria pointed out to Daniel that Emily can't be bought so that means she is trying to destroy their family and isn't after their money.
  • I liked how Jack and Nolan worked together to break into the archives of this law firm to retrieve evidence on the David Clarke case and I liked how Jack was so nervous about things not working out.
  • I liked how in Nolan's meeting with the lawyers about patents that he refused to be shamed by how they kept bring up his legal troubles from last season and I liked how he didn't think he needed to make a comeback because his been around for years.
  • I liked how when the lawyers told Nolan that time was money he told them that he could afford it.
  • I liked how when the files weren't marked by dates that Javier had to end up helping Jack figure out which files were the ones that he had to grab.
  • I liked how Jack gave Emily the evidence that he had gathered and basically he wanted in on clearing her dad's name.
  • I liked how Nolan told Emily that he was sorry for helping Jack out without getting her approval about it first. I also like that when Nolan was talking about how he felt the need to prove himself that Emily told him he didn't have to prove anything to her.
  • I liked how Margaux demanded that her father leave and I was sad to find out that Pascal had been making her earnings look better than they actually where.
  • I liked how Margaux asked Daniel if he was ready to show their father's what they were made of.
  • I liked how Emily leaked the information of her faking her pregnancy in order to get Daniel to marry because she wanted to have a public break from the Graysons and make them think that they had won.
  • I liked how Emily finally allows for Jack to help her with her revenge plans a bit by the end of the episode and that Jack actually wants in on them. I'm also interested in Pascal's involvement with the whole David Clarke scandal.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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