Tuesday, March 25, 2014

TV Review: Bates Motel: Caleb(2.03)

                                                    Bates Motel: Caleb(2.03)Review
  • I liked how when Caleb first showed up at the motel looking for Norma that Dylan was suspicious of him and I understood why he wanted to get to know his uncle because he never heard about him before or really much of anything about Norma's past so it's natural for him to be curious.
  • I liked that as soon as Norma saw Caleb she kicked him out of the house and that he did actually stay away from her the rest of the episode and I liked that Dylan was clearly concerned about her after seeing her reaction to him.
  • I liked the friendship that developed between Norma and the old play director Christine because I really enjoyed their interactions.
  • I liked how Norman showed he was worried about Norma after she told him her brother came to town because he knows what he did to her.
  • I liked how Norman quit the play because Norma didn't get in and I liked how Cody a girl around his age convinced him to join tech because it would be fun even though it's clear that the two of them have two very different definitions of what fun is.
  • I liked how Dylan told Zane that he wouldn't kill anymore of the other drug family's men after two of their guys were found dead because that would just led to an unless cycle of killing sadly Zane doesn't take his advice.
  • I liked how since Emma and the rest of the town thinks Bradley is dead she held memorial for her because she feels guilty that even though Bradley is dead she still doesn't like her.
  • I liked that Dylan tried to ask Norma about what happened between her and her brother before he decides to get know Caleb a bit better although Norma refuses to acknowledge how bad her reaction was to him at all.
  • I liked the interaction between Norma and Christine's brother George he seemed like a nice guy and I'm pretty sure that means that him and Norma won't develop into anything or he'll be revealed not to be nice.
  • I liked the interactions Emma has with that one guy that gave her a pot cupcake last season they were entertaining and I kind of like the idea of them strangely enough.
  • I understand why it's easier for Dylan to believe Caleb than Norma at the end of the episode because Caleb told him more about Norma and his childhood in one day than Norma had his entire life and he's actually nice to him.
  • I really hated how Dylan claimed Norma was lying about Caleb raping her because even though she does a lot of messed up things this is just something that I don't think she would ever even consider lying about because it's too horrible to say if it isn't true.
  • I was somewhat surprised to learn that Caleb is actually Dylan's father which would explain why Norma has such a difficult time with caring about him.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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