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TV Review: Teen Wolf: De-Void(3.22)

                                             Teen Wolf: De-Void(3.22)Review
  • I liked how the Sheriff tried to see if Stiles was really Stiles by having him put on handcuffs although it soon became clear he was the Nogitsune
  • I liked the part when Chris threatened to shoot the Nogitsune but since the Nogitsune is in Stiles's body the Sheriff threatened to shoot Chris if he did that, this scene was very tense so enjoyed it. I liked how Alison noticed that this was causing Strife which is exactly what he Nogitsune wanted.
  • I liked how the Nogitsune manipulated everyone into protecting him against the Oni.
  • I'm curious as to why Noshiko called off the Oni considering it was clear that she still intended to defeat the Nogitsune somehow.
  • I'm really confused why the Nogitsune was able to produce a lot of flies that could be used to manipulate people by stabbing Stiles's body with Noshiko's last tail.
  • While the fly going into Isaac's blood stream really messed with his mind I'm glad that it ended up healing his body.
  • I liked how Scott let Kira stay at his place since she didn't feel comfortable going home after learning everything she did about her family during the last episode. I also like that Scott gave Kira his bed but she insisted that they share it and that they shared a kiss.
  • I liked how Alison asked her dad if he really would have shot Stiles and that he answered he honestly didn't know. I liked that it was revealed that Alison took the firing pin out of his gun before hand and I liked that he sort of complimented her on her leadership skills and that we could see she felt a lot of pressure for having to live up to that expectation.
  • I liked that when Alison saw Isaac in her room and healed that while she was happy to see him she also pointed out that he shouldn't just walk out of a hospital.
  • I actually enjoyed Ethan and Danny's scene because it reminded me that I don't really hate Ethan it's just Aiden I hate. I also liked how even though it was because of a fly he did express resentment towards his brother and how it's always about him.
  • I liked how Isaac said that some people are dangerous and that he doesn't feel like the twins deserve to have a second chance and then he goes off to kill them, I'm kind of sad he didn't succeed.
  • I liked how when Peter saw Derek trying to set up a chess bored and after Derek told him why he was doing so that Peter told him that the Nogitsune isn't playing by any rules and that chess is Stiles's game not the Nogitsune's.
  • I liked how Lydia was hearing what she thought was GPS but it was actually something to do with banshee abilities/connection with Stiles that led her to his injured body.
  • I liked how Deaton was able to keep the Nogitsune from hurting anyone by using kanima venom on it.
  • I liked how the Nogitsune only warned Aiden that Ethan might be in trouble after he already knew a fly was in his system and therefore would be more likely to kill his brother than save him.
  • I liked how they put duct tape over the Nogitsune's mouth because words are a powerful weapon for the Nogitsune.
  • I liked how Deaton brought up that he was unsure of the translation that said to change Stiles body and that Scott brought up that Stiles might not even want it considering he has never brought up wanting to be a werewolf before and that Deaton mentions it could just as easily save him as it can kill him. I just really glad that they all considered all the reasons they shouldn't just bit him.
  • I think that the Nogitsune is a pretty good actor and it was shown several times in this episode like when he cried and Melissa thought that he was Stiles so she took the tap off his mouth. I'm really curious about the secret about Agent McCall considering what the Nogitsune said about if Scott knew he'd hate Melissa which I don't think is true but it makes me really curious.
  • I liked how they brought Peter in for some advice on how to get Stiles back and that he told them it was more about the mind than the body so that put an end to the idea of turning him into a werewolf.
  • I find it interesting that Peter only helped because Lydia agreed to tell him the name of his child and that Lydia didn't want Scott finding out about this deal.
  • I liked the whole concept of Scott and Lydia having to go inside Stiles's head in order to lure him back out of it.
  • I liked how when Scott and Lydia were at first strapped down that Lydia reminded Scott that he was a werewolf and has supernatural strength and can break them free of their restraints.
  • I liked how Scott and Lydia got separated for a bit and were brought to places that would distract them.
  • I loved that when Lydia was back in her dress from Formality(1.11) that the song that played was Not Just a Girl because that's the song Stiles and Lydia danced to and since it's in his head that means that he remembers the song and also exactly what she was wearing which makes me very happy.
  • I liked the scene with Scott and Alison making out in her closet and giggling and her telling him to be quiet since their hiding, it was a very cute scene and made me realize how much I miss this two together.
  • I found the scenes where Derek goes over to Chris's place and ties him and threatens to burn him in a fire just like his sister burnt his entire family alive were very frightening to see Derek go just completely psychotic.
  • I liked how Ethan and Aiden fought and Ethan brought up that Aiden is a psycho and kills anything in his path and I liked that they completely turned on each other and tried to kill each other.
  • I liked how Isaac knocked out Ethan and Aiden in order to kill them and that he remarked that if he was witty he should say something at that moment but he's not witty.
  • I liked how Peter yelled Lydia's name in a way that was similar to how Stiles yelled for her at the end of Formality and I wonder if that brought back the memory to Lydia that Stiles was the one that saved her, I really hoped it did because I want her to know about that so badly. I also liked that it helped her to find Stiles and not be distracted by the Nogitsune's hallucinations.
  • I liked how Scott figured out that his mind was being manipulated when he remembered that him and Alison weren't together anymore and that him and Lydia met up and found where Stiles was.
  • I liked how Isaac was intent on burning Ethan and Aiden in order to punish them for Erica and Boyd's deaths I just love that he holds them accountable for both of those deaths.
  • I liked how Alison and Kira worked together to make sure that Isaac, Ethan and Aiden didn't kill each other. I really loved the way that at one point the two of them traded weapons even.
  • I liked how Agent McCall actually saved the Sheriff's job and that he admitted that Beacon Hills is just a place where really weird stuff happens and no one could probably solve many of those cases. I also liked that he admitted to wanting to talk to Scott and this scene also made me curious about his secret.
  • I liked how Chris had Derek at gun point but told him he didn't want to have to shot him and I'm glad he didn't have to in the end.
  • I liked how Lydia reminded Scott that even though Stiles isn't a werewolf he's still pack so he could call him and I liked that it actually did get Scott's attention.
  • I found it super weird that Stiles/Nogitsune threw up a bunch of wraps and that it turned out to be Stiles and not the Nogitsune in them, I don't understand how that makes sense.
  • I'm pretty worried about Lydia since it seems the Nogitsune took her with him and she might not know he's the Nogitsune.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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