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TV Review: Teen Wolf: Insatiable(3.23)

                                                Teen Wolf: Insatiable(3.23)Review
  • I liked that it was confirmed that Stiles that came out of the Nogitsune last episode is actually really although quite weak and that Stiles isn't possessed although the Nogitsune is still going around looking like him.
  • I found it interesting that the Nogitsune took Lydia because she was a Banshee therefore he wanted to use her powers in order to know when the Oni were close and also to feed off her fear a bit.
  • I find it interesting that Deputy Parrish said that he doesn't really know why he decided to move to Beacon Hills that he just felt drawn their which makes me think he may be supernatural since supernatural were said to be drawn there now.
  • I love how Kira is so concerned with keeping all of her friends save even though she just met them a couple of weeks ago and I like how much she wants to do anything in her power to stop the Nogitsune.
  • I like how Noshiko insisted on teaching Kira the game of Go because it would help her learn the strategy of the Nogitsune and that when Kira pointed out that it isn't game and Noshiko pointed out that it is to the Nogitsune.
  • I really love the moment where Stiles goes to see his dad for the firs time since he's been himself in awhile and they hug and his dad who clearly relieved to see Stiles as himself asks if it's over  sadly Scott tells him it isn't yet.
  • I liked how Derek and Chris acknowledge that they are no longer enemies anymore before they go on to point out that the Nogitsune is more powerful than ever so they don't need to come looking for them since he plans to hurt them eventually.
  • I liked how it was revealed that Meredith the girl from Eichen House who talked to a phone that was turned off is a Banshee and can help them figure out where the Nogitsune is took Lydia.
  • I'm really glad that some people started coming after the twins and shot them because they clearly earned this since they killed a ton a people in the past, also for a second there I thought Aiden was dead and was revealed because I thought that may have been the death of the episode sadly he wasn't and he wasn't the death of the episode.
  • I like how when Alison and Isaac found Lydia's car and Isaac told her he could sense that Lydia was angry before she was taken that Alison said that sounded like her, I like that the message that said not to come find her was written in the same way Alison and Scott's secret messages were in season 2.
  • I liked how Alison awkwardly asked Isaac if he was himself the night that they were together and I like that he said that he was himself and that they both enjoyed that night.
  • I liked that Meredith had wondered into Coach's class because she knew she had to pass on the information she heard and that Coach asked her what Insane Asylum then when Danny told him there not called that anymore what Nut House she escaped from, I found this moments funny.
  • I find it sad that Stiles was completely terrified when he woke up because he seems to still be afraid that him going to sleep can lead to something bad.
  • I find it very worrisome that when Scott touched Stiles he took his pain without even meaning to which I take to mean that Stiles is in a lot of pain which is pretty obvious since he's admitting that he's in any pain at all at moment and that he can't seem to get warm seems to be worrisome as well, also I really love how concern Scott is for Stiles well being.
  • I'm confused as to why Derek would go and save the twins I mean it was nice of him but I kind of assumed that he hate them like the rest of the pack which is probably true actually so still confused by his saving them.
  • I love how Kira told Coach that he needs to make sure that the orderlies don't take Meredith because people lives could be put in danger and than Coach asks who she is and she says her name and how she's new all cutely.
  • So I hate that one orderly guy from Eichen House even more which I didn't think was possible after he spent sometime unnecessarily insulting Coach for being a teacher.
  • I liked how Chris told Alison that he thought that it was time she graduated from their family's hunter's program by making her own bullet out of sliver which is family tradition and I love how Alison insisted that she make an arrowhead instead since the bow is her weapon it was a really nice moment between them.
  • I really hated how that Orderly guy took such pleasure in the chance to tase Meredith but I loved that Coach saved the day and attacked him.
  • I liked that as soon as Scott and Stiles got Meredith into the car Stiles asked her where Lydia was sadly she didn't know who they were talking about.
  • I both loved and found it sad in the scene where Alison feels the need to tell her dad in case she doesn't get another chance to tell him that she loves him and is proud of who they have became and then he kisses her on the forehead, lovely heartbreaking scene.
  • I liked the scenes where Stiles and Isaac worked together on getting Meredith to tell them where Lydia is, I liked how Isaac had suggested to torture her for information and then when Stiles rejected that idea as ridiculous he suggested to psychology torture and Stiles rejected that idea as well.
  • I liked how Stiles and Isaac kept telling her to listen and focus on the silence clearly a bit irritated and competitive with each other. I also loved how Stiles said he has more experience with Banshee's because of his relationship with Lydia but also enjoyed how Isaac shot back with and mental patients.
  • I liked how after Agent McCall told Scott that he left because he accidently knocked Scott down the stairs when he was little that Scott listed all the accidents that had happened around the house and said that there really no bog deal but his dad leaving and not contacting him for years is a big deal and still wants nothing to do with him.
  • I liked how Stiles and Isaac played along with Meredith's saying that the phone was ringing and that lead Scott to figured out where Lydia was.
  • I liked how after a conversation with her dad Kira learned that the aggressive style was her mother's not the Nogitsune.
  • I find it sad that Alison was in a rush so she cut her dad off from their phone conversation especially since he told her to wait.
  • I liked how Isaac untactful brought up that Stiles looks like he's dying and wonders if the Nogitsune is getting better as he gets worse.
  • I love how Scott showed concern for if hurting the Nogitsune would mean hurting Stiles and that Stiles said that he doesn't care if killing the Nogitsune would mean killing him because he can't stand the thought of anyone else getting hurt because of him. I also like that it was brought up that Stiles remembers everything that Nogitsune did which means he must be feeling a ton of guilt at the moment.
  • I liked that when Stiles makes Scott and Isaac promise not to let anyone else to get hurt because of him that Scott has to look away because he can't make a promise that would involve possibly having to kill Stiles.
  • I like how Alison said that she's here to save her best friend and that Scott says that he's here to save his and Isaac says he just didn't feel like doing any homework.
  • I liked how Kira and Alison had a standoff with Noshiko and her Oni.
  • I find it interesting that breaking Noshiko's last tail the Nogitsune was able to have the Oni become under his control.
  • I liked how panicked Lydia was once she saw that Scott and Stiles came to rescue her because she knows everyone else is there too and that one of them is going to die.
  • I liked how when Stiles started to pass out that he called for Lydia and that she stayed with him after he did pass out.
  • I loved how Alison destroyed an Oni and saved Isaac's life with her last arrow it was a super heroic moment and they type of thing that her character should be remembered for.
  • I loved how much pain it filled Lydia with when she felt that Alison had been stabbed and was going to die and how even though she wasn't watching it happen she could feel her best friend dying and she just completely broke down.
  • I liked how once Alison was in Scott's arm she asked if Lydia was okay even though she was dying.
  • I liked how Scott tried to take Alison's pain away and when she told him that it didn't hurt you could tell that it was then when Scott realized that Alison wasn't going to make it and he started to break down and then Alison kept telling him that it was okay even though she was anything but.
  • I loved and was extremely sadden by Alison saying that it was perfect because she got to die in the arms of the first boy she ever loved who she will always love and then Scott started begging her not to go because he knew there was nothing he could do to save her but he can't stand the idea of loosing her either. Then Alison starts telling Scott she has to tell her dad I'm not sure once since she doesn't get to finish her sentence but I'm pretty sure it's something like she loved him.
  • Alison's death was completely heartbreaking and cried all the way through it and when I was writing this review I cried multiple times and whenever I think of it's struggle not to tear up. This scene was brilliantly acted by Crystal Reed and Tyler Posey and I think it's pretty well written even though I hate Alison being dead I think this was a good send off even though I wish she didn't have to have one.
  • I liked how it showed Scott, Lydia, Isaac, Kira and her mom all breakdown after Alison had died of course with various degrees of emotion with Scott and Lydia expressing the most.
  • I thought it was sad that Chris showed up just seconds after Alison died because he just missed his chance at a goodbye.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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