Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Movie Review: Moonlight

                                                           Moonlight Review
Moonlight is the film that won the best picture Oscar and it's about the life of a young black boy named Chiron(Alex Hibbert/Ashton Sanders/Trevante Rhodes) who is struggling with coming to terms with who he is and whether he fits into the society that he was raised in. The film follows Chiron from when he is a child than to his teenage years and to is adulthood. Chiron is a bit different from the rest of the boys who live in his area he's quiet, doesn't like fighting or any type of confrontation, a bit anxious, seems to be less self confident and he's gay. All of Chiron's differences makes him stand out which makes his already hard life even harder than it already is which leads him to acting out in ways that puts him on a path to a life that he doesn't really want but doesn't think he has any other real option but to stay on that path.

This movie is one that has a powerful character driven focus to it and the acting, writing and the directing in this film are all excellent. The visuals in  this film are especially beautiful and the also give this feel of intimacy that makes you feel even more attached to the characters emotional state. Overall I think that this was a great film that definitely deserved the best picture Oscar that it received it's a film that has a great story that you haven't really seen before and it is extremely well made. Please tell me your thoughts on this film in the comment section below.

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