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TV Review: Teen Wolf: Radio Silence(6.05)

                                             Teen Wolf: Radio Silence(6.05)Review
  • I think one of the scariest things about the train station is that everyone there is just so calm, quiet and accepting of whatever is going to happen to them since that just makes them more vulnerable.
  • I like that once Stiles wakes up from his trance that he starts asking questions about what is going on and starts to look for clues to where he is and how he can leave.
  • I was surprised to see that Peter has also been taken by the ghost riders since he hasn't been mentioned in so long but I guess that kind of makes sense with the way that the ghost riders work.
  • I found it a bit odd that after Peter got annoyed that Stiles was there that he went back to just waiting for his train to come and then Stiles had to remind him that the ghost riders just come into the station with hostages.
  • I found it interesting that Peter escaped Eichen House the night that the pack broke Lydia out of Eichen House.
  • I like that Stiles is still determined to find the way out of the train station but when Peter revealed that the train station isn't a really place so escape isn't possible for them that kind of makes things a hell of a lot more difficult.
  • I find it odd and a bit unnerving that when Stiles would open the door out of the train station it would just lead back into the same room over and over again.
  • I liked that Peter noticed that there was a boy that was intently watching Peter and Stiles and I liked that he was surprised that Stiles tried the doors since no one ever really tries to escape. I like that the boy suggest that the tunnel the ghost riders come in might be the only way out.
  • I liked that Peter had Stiles push him into the tunnel and I liked that Peter ended up pulling Stiles along into it.
  • I liked that Lydia noticed Stiles jeep before it would be towed away and I liked that she could tell that it was something important and I liked that Scott noticed her noticing it.
  • I liked that when Lydia left class that Scott followed her out to check if she was okay, I also liked how the teacher asked the other students in the class if they knew class wasn't optional.
  • I liked that Scott claimed the jeep as his own after Lydia revealed that it wasn't hers to the tow guy because he knew it was important to her and I like that when Lydia made Scott give her money to keep the jeep that Scott gave it to her even though he was highly doubting it was worth it.
  • I liked that when guy suggested the highly dangerous plan to escape by grapping a ride from the ghost riders as the jump through their lightning portal that Stiles didn't want him to go through with testing his theory because he would most likely die and I like that Stiles even tried to get Peter(who was all for the guy testing his theory)to help him convince the guy not to got through with it, it really shows that Stiles is used to partnering with Scott who tried to save everyone in these types of situation because there was no way someone like Peter would have helped him with this plan.
  • I was sad that the guy died instead of escaped but I wasn't really surprised by it either.
  • I liked Peter's speech about how the two of them are already dead and forgotten and that there is no escape and everything they do or have is completely useless because that really shows how bleak their situation is.
  • I like that Stiles says that someone is going to remember him whether it be Scott, Lydia or Malia and that no one is ever going to remember Peter and come for him because who would care about him.
  • I like that Stiles figured out that they could maybe use the radio to send a signal to the really world to tell the others he's alive and I like that it actually works.
  • I like that when they went back into the jeep that Scott picked up on his, Lydia and Malia's scents in the car despite them having no memory of being in the car.
  • I like that Scott didn't side with either Lydia, who believes that Stiles is real and that they have to get him back, or Malia, who is sure that Stiles isn't real, because Scott can see merits in both their arguments.
  • I like that when Lydia was breaking down at the hopelessness of the situation that we also saw Stiles sitting against a wall also thinking about hopelessness of his situation as well, it was just a really nice shot.
  • I liked that Scott stood up to the tow truck guy when he tried again to take the jeep away and I liked that Malia broke the guys truck so that he couldn't take even though neither of them are convinced of the importance of the jeep.
  • I liked that when Peter notice that the towns that the ghost riders go through leads to the towns getting wiped off the math that he decides to try his lucky of going through the portal since he'll heal unlike a normal human.
  • I like that Stiles basically uses the fact that Malia is Peter's daughter as a way to manipulate Peter into telling his friends who he is and to help try and save everyone.
  • I liked that when Malia and Scott saw Peter that they remembered who he was and they were shocked that they had forgotten him.
  • I liked that Scott and Malia noticed the keys to Stiles jeep in Peter's hand and I liked that Scott brought them back to the jeep and Lydia and how delighted they both were when it worked.
  • I liked that Stiles once again started working on using the radio to communicate and that this time he was able to talk to Scott and Lydia.
  • I liked that after Lydia and Stiles asked if it was Stiles and that Stiles asked if it was them and I liked that he said Scott's name first because Scott almost always comes first to Stiles.
  • I liked that Stiles asked Lydia if she remembered him and although the answer is not really, I liked that she did remember the last thing he told her.
  • I liked that the first real question that Scott asked Stiles was if he was okay because that's what's most important to him.
  • I liked that Scott wanted to know where Stiles was because he wants to go and save him and the others but Stiles points out that he won't be able to find him and instead tells him to look for Cannon. I liked that Scott called Stiles name in distress once the line went dead.
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