Tuesday, April 4, 2017

TV Review: Sweet/Vicious:Sucker(1.03)

                                            Sweet/Vicious: Sucker(1.03) Review
  • I like that the episode started with Jules training Ophelia with fighting.
  • I liked that how Jules told Ophelia that they weren't going to pregame a takedown because what they're doing isn't meant to be fun and I liked how Ophelia still finds it a bit fun.
  • I liked that when Jules mentions that she is failing statistics that Ophelia tells her that she can tutor her and that Jules reluctantly agrees.
  • I felt bad for Harris when Ophelia made him look after two of Jules friends who were high after Ophelia said that her and Jules had to study.
  • I felt bad for Jules and the girl in the video who was talking about being raped which made Jules remember her own rape and made her understandable overwhelmed.
  • I liked that when Jules accidently punches Tyler in the windpipe that he is impressed rather than mad at her.
  • I liked that when Ophelia revealed that she stole Carter's phone and forty dollars off his body that Jules just thought was really wrong.
  • I liked how Ophelia could reprogram Carter's phone in order to make it look like he's anywhere in the phone and that she pretends to be Carter so that Tyler will stop worrying so much about where he is. I also like that Jules feels bad about this whole thing.
  • I liked how Harris and one of Jules friends bond at bit when she helped him a bit with his law paper since she's also pre-law and her mom is a judge,
  • I felt bad for Kennedy when Nate was getting mad at her for choosing to meet someone who is a role model to her rather than attend a football luncheon as his girlfriend because it would look bad for him if she didn't show up.
  • I kind of liked that the take down didn't go as planned with Kennedy coming looking for Jules and her having to leave and Ophelia realizing that they had the wrong guy and I like that she ended up mugging the guy she knocked down instead since she had to give him a reason as to why she attacked him.
  • I liked that Ophelia realized that the guy that raped the girl also cat fished her and I liked that Ophelia said that she impressed and troubled by his skills.
  • I liked how Jules had to steal the guys phone and download the information so that Ophelia could hack into it.
  • I liked that even though the guy suspected something was up when he was sent to meet up and that even brought a bat with him that Jules and Ophelia still were able to beat him up.
  • I like that Kennedy wants to be more than just someone's girlfriend and that she's worried that Nate doesn't understand that.
  • I felt so bad for Jules when she had to be the room when Nate won Kennedy back pretending to be a good guy, it must have  been so awful for her to have to sit there and listen to all of that knowing what kind of person he really is.
  • I was sad that Harris wants to drop Ophelia as both an employee and a friend but at the same time I can't really blame him since she has shown herself to be unreliable.
  • I liked how Jules and Ophelia talked to each other about the problems that they have been having and I like that they agree to work on things together and figure things out together.
  • I liked that Ophelia suggested that Jules should just take things really slow with Tyler and I like that Tyler agrees to this and him and Jules are starting a relationship together.
  • I liked that Jules and Ophelia found a way to let the girl know that her rapist was punished by them so that she might be able to rest a little bit easier.
  • I liked that Ophelia and Harris were able to fix their friendship by the end of the episode.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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