Saturday, April 22, 2017

TV Review: Sweet/Vicious: All Eyez on Me(1.05)

                                        Sweet/Vicious: All Eyez on Me(1.05)Review
  • I felt so bad for Rachel a girl who was assaulted by a guy that worked for a car service who drive drunk people home.
  • I like that Harris is working with the campus patrol guy in order to figure out what is going on with the recent attacks on campus.
  • I liked that Jules tried to use Greek mythology to indirectly broach the topic of accidently killing his brother, it doesn't really go anywhere of course.
  • I like that it turns out that Tyler is an art major who is doubting himself and I like that Jules wants to throw him a pop up art show and I like that Kennedy wants to help her throw it.
  • I found it awkward how Ophelia ran into the guy she hooked up with in the first episode while she was looking for the driver that assaulted Rachel.
  • The driver being the son of the president of their college is something that I think could cause big problems in the future.
  • I like that Jules is doing her best to support Tyler and be a good girlfriend to him when it comes to setting up the art show.
  • I like the way that Harris and the campus patrol guy interact with each other and I find it interesting that they found out that Ophelia might have something to do with their investigation.
  • I understand why Ophelia was mad at Jules for not asking anything about the mission she went on when she almost got ran over on said mission.
  • I felt bad for Tyler when he started getting frustrated by people not getting his art and I like that even though the whole art show was giving him anxiety that Tyler still let Jules know that he thought what she did was sweet and that he knows she had the best of intentions but he just can't handle being there right now.
  • I like that Ophelia and Kennedy were both comforting to Jules after her fight with Tyler although in different ways.
  • I liked that Ophelia told Jules that she would understand if she wasn't in the mood for a take down and I liked that Jules said she wanted to punch someone by ten.
  • I liked that Harris learned that Ophelia met Jules because she found her necklace and I like that he was connecting the dots until Ophelia made up a story that made the two events seem unrelated.
  • I liked that when Ophelia made a quick exit after her talk with Harris she said she was going to class and then he looked at her weird and then she said she meant she's going to smoke weed which he said makes sense.
  • I liked that the plan was for Ophelia to be bait and that Jules would wait at the spot that they thought that they rape the girls only they didn't go to the spot that they thought he would.
  • I was really afraid for Ophelia when things didn't go as plan with it being at a different location and their being two of them but luckily she was able to taze them both.
  • I liked that when Ophelia was acting like she was totally fine and Jules could tell she wasn't that Jules made sure that they didn't do the takedown that night.
  • I felt so bad for Jules when Nate was calling what he did to her cheating as if she did something wrong or had a say in any of it and how he wanted them to all hang out again and move past it, I wanted so badly for Jules to say something to him about how wrong he is but I understand why she couldn't find her voice then.
  • I like that Harris is figuring out that Ophelia is lying to him about what she and Jules are doing together.
  • I was worried about Jules when one of the guys stabbed her in the leg.
  • I'm worried about what's going to happen now that Ophelia taking down one of the guys was caught on several students Iphones.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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