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TV Review: Teen Wolf: Relics(6.04)

                                                     Teen Wolf: Relics(6.04)Review
  • I liked that Melissa followed Chris out into the woods because she want to help him try and stop the werewolf that is biting into people's skulls although since she's untrained she isn't a ton of help.
  • I find it interesting that the ghost riders are able to transport into place by using lightening.
  • I like that Cory is feeling guilty that everyone who saw the ghost rider is in danger now because he made them visible and I like that Scott promises him that they will find a way to protect everyone.
  • I like that Malia is very angry at Chris for shooting her and that she holds a grudge against him for it.
  • I liked that when Melissa was trying to remove the bullet from Malia's leg that she was doing her best not to cause her any extra pain that Malia decided that she was taking too long so she removed the bullet from her own legs with her claws and gave Chris his bullet back.
  • I like that Hayden is still following Gwen around since she knows that she still needs protection from the ghost riders.
  • I liked that Mason and Liam figured out that they can tell when the ghost riders are coming by using a K-scale which measures the amount of lightening that can be found in a storm.
  • I liked that Lydia figured out that there are relics that are left behind from the people who are taken by the ghost riders because even they can't take everything that a person once owned therefore if the find a relic of someone's they might be able to bring that person back.
  • I liked that Liam and Mason argued about whether they should fight the ghost riders or find away to keep all the party guests safe.  I liked that Scott came in as the were arguing took Mason side of finding somewhere to keep people safe(which in this case is underground) and I liked that Scott point out to Liam that they didn't beat the ghost riders they just retreated for some unknown reason.
  • I liked that when Lydia was asking the Sheriff to look around his house to find something Stiles left behind that the Sheriff told her last after he stubbed his toe on a baseball bat he yelled out Stiles name without even thinking, I'm just glad that on a subconscious level Sheriff remembers his son.
  • I liked that when a guy on the lacrosse team heard that they had a bunker that he asked Liam what kind of people they are and Liam answered "we're the people who know about things that most people don't know about." which I found very funny.
  • I liked that when they realize that three of the lacrosse players didn't come down to the bunker that Scott says that he'll go to get them and I liked that Liam, Mason and Cory wanted to come with him to help him fight them off and I liked that Scott didn't want them to come because they're all marked by the ghost riders. I liked that Scott only let them come when Cory mentioned that he's the only one who can see them and that Scott still told them if he saw them he should run.
  • I think that Mrs. Stilinski is clearly just someone the ghost riders put into fill the void Stiles left because there's no way anyone would get that upset about someone pealing up that little bit of wallpaper that Lydia pealed up.
  • I liked that Chris told Malia that he shot her because he was afraid that she wasn't enough in control of herself to stop herself from killing an innocent and I liked that he related that to a time when he was younger and he did nothing to stop Kate from killing an innocent and then finding a way to justify it to herself later on and he thinks that if he had stepped in back then maybe she wouldn't be the monster she is today.
  • I liked that Malia agreed to help Chris watch out for the kids in the bunker.
  • I liked that Scott asked Mason to find a way to stop the ghost riders since he is the one who has figured everything out about them so far.
  • I find it sad that Gwen seems to want to be taken by the ghost riders probably because she wants to see her sister again or wants to stop looking over her solider wondering when they're going to come for her.
  • I liked that Scott, Liam and Cory are playing in the lacrosse game because they figure the only way they can protect the lacrosse players is by fighting them out on the field.
  • I like that Lydia absolutely believes that Stiles is real even if she can't find proof that he is real.
  • I like how Scott, Liam and Cory are screwing up the game by trying to protect the people who have been marked by the ghost riders.
  • I liked that Mason figured out that the ghost riders went away because Parrish showed up and that he tells Hayden to get him here.
  • I liked that when a girl was freaking out about dying and she wanted to shoot her with a stun gun that Chris told her to find another way to calm her down and that she was able to calm her down by promising her that no one will be coming through that door.
  • I found it funny that when an extremely powerful thunderstorm arrived that Coach then said that it was barely raining.
  • I was sad that the ghost riders took at least one of the people they were trying to protect.
  • I like that Malia work together to track down one of the people who have been marked that is trying to escape the bunker which if he succeeds would put not only himself but everyone else in the bunker in danger.
  • I'm sad that their attempts to keep the lacrosse players on the field safe is not going well at all with almost everyone they vowed to protect getting taken one by one.
  • I liked that Liam just goes ahead and tackles a ghost rider so that he can't shoot anyone and I like that Scott worries about him when he does.
  • I like that Melissa lets Lydia and Natalie look at Mrs. Stilinski's medical records but tells them to be quick about since it's illegal.
  • I like that when Malia smells the guy through the wall that he's freaked out that she can do that.
  • I liked that Malia told Chris that he should just clip the guy since he did to her earlier and that Chris tells her that she heals, he wouldn't so he won't shoot him.
  • I find it interesting that Parrish was shot by the ghost rider but not taken by him like everyone else.
  • I'm sad that the protecting everyone plan is going so poorly with all the lacrosse players on the field being taken as well as others that were at the game and that one guy was taken when he opened the bunker and then everyone else in the bunker was also taken.
  • I find it interesting that Mrs. Stilinski's medical record still says that she had frontotemporal dementia ten years ago which makes Melissa surprised that she's still alive.
  • I find it sad how both Liam and Scott blames themselves for not being able to save everyone from the ghost riders.
  • I find it ironic that Liam proved himself as worthy of being team captain to Coach by not caring about lacrosse but instead trying to safe people's lives.
  • I find it sad that Malia and Scott are giving up on the idea that Stiles was real but I do think it's understandable that they want to focus more on finding a way to stop the ghost riders they know are real rather than trying to bring back a person that they just think might be real.
  • I find it interesting and risky that Liam wants to catch a ghost rider but I think it's sweet that Mason, Hayden and Cory refuse to let him do that on his own.
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