Saturday, April 22, 2017

TV Review: Notorious: Chase(1.07)

                                                            Notorious: Chase(1.07)
  • I find it interesting that the episode started 48 hours earlier with Jake going on the run which just seems like a bad idea.
  • I like that Jake's brother is the one that is representing him in court and that he's willing to do anything to get his brother free. I also like that he's telling Jake that he can't work on the case because he can't be objective right now.
  • I like that Julia is just really worried about what's going to happen with Jake as his friend.
  • I like that Jake ends up staying with Julia because the media is surrounding his house and his brother's house.
  • I like that Jake wants Julia to allow the DA to try him on the air before it goes to trial because it would allow him to learn how the prosecution is going to try the case.
  • I was surprised to learn that Sarah had a loan shark for some reason and that she was trying to get away from some guy named Brian.
  • I find it interesting that Sarah was using a loan shark to pay his gambling debts.
  • I liked that Julia ended her deal with the DA because she doesn't like that he's using her show to get her friend convicted for a murder that she believes that he didn't commit.
  • I think it's pretty dumb that Jake cut his tracking anklet because he wanted to personal look into a new lead in Sarah's case by himself.
  • I was surprised that it seemed like Jake's brother and Ella helped Jake get off his tracking anklet.
  • I was surprised to learn that Sarah's baby is still alive and that Jake suspect that he she maybe his biological daughter which isn't true but instead the father of the baby was actually Sarah's baby.
  • I liked that Jake had Julia make a deal with the DA in order to not have a lot of press at his being taken into jail again.
  • I liked how Julia convinced the DA that Sarah's brother is the one that killed his sister which leads to him getting arrested and Jake getting released from jail.
  • I'm a bit surprised that it seems that Oscar was in on the murder of Sarah with her brother.
  • I find it interesting that someone named Dana called Julia because she needs Jake as a lawyer.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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