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TV Review: How to Get Away With Murder: What Happened to Annalise?(2.10)

                 How to Get Away With Murder: What Happened to Annalise?(2.10)Review
  • I liked that Laurel let Michaela think that she and not Wes was the one that shot Annalise because she didn't want the others to think bad of him.
  • I liked that Bonnie made sure that everything was set up for Annalise at home when she came back from the hospital and let her know that she would stay there to help take care of her if Annalise wanted her to but of course Annalise didn't.
  • I like that Wes is feeling guilty about shooting and almost killing Annalise because she's been lying to him but I also liked that Laurel made sure that he got out of bed and stop feeling sorry for himself.
  • I liked that all of the study group were happy to see that Wes had finally gotten out of his apartment.
  • I found it really odd that Annalise hallucinated that a woman dropped off a baby at her house and that after Bonnie discovered it she knew that they couldn't allow Annalise to testify in court the next day because she wouldn't be a reliable witness.
  • I was surprised that Asher went the police because he believed that his dad was murdered rather than committed suicide. I like that Bonnie is helping him with checking in on how the police investigation is going but I also like that Connor doesn't think Asher talking to the police right now is the best idea.
  • I like that everyone other than Annalise had to work together to write a written statement that sounds like Annalise wrote it because Annalise isn't in the right mental state to testify.
  • I liked that when Annalise was recovering in the hospital Laurel visited her and she asked Laurel why she took the blame and she told her that she didn't want the others to blame Wes for this because they already blame him for Sam.
  • I find it concerning that Wes kept the gun rather than getting rid of it like he said he was going to do.
  • I like that Connor is letting Asher stay with him and Oliver because of everything Asher has recently went through and I like that Connor says that Asher doesn't seem upset because he's just really good at hiding it.
  • I like that Bonnie had Nate come over because Annalise wanted to see him but was mad when Nate came over because Bonnie had to ask him to come.
  • I liked that Michaela was mad that the rest of the study group hang out without inviting her.
  • I like that Caleb isn't buying the cover up that frames Catherine and I like how Michaela is able to lie to him and tell him to just accept that his sister is the bad guy although he doesn't change his opinion.
  • I like that it seems that Annalise stopped taking pain killers just so she could testify in court in case they didn't accept the written testimony which they didn't.
  • I'm not really surprised that Annalise wasn't able to keep it together when she was on the stand but I was surprised that this seemed to be part of her plan to convince Caleb to convince Catherine to take the fall for shooting Annalise but blame her actions partially on Philip and make Philip go do for the murder of her parents.
  • I liked that Bonnie is worried about Annalise because she knows that Annalise wanted to die that not she told someone to shoot her.
  • I was sad when Wes told Annalise that he now understands why his mother killed herself that she just needed everything to stop which he is the way that he feels now.
  • I liked that Wes confronted Annalise about the fact that she knew his mother but she refused to tell him anything and made him leave because she doesn't trust that he won't hurt and she believes he ruined her.
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