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TV Review: Teen Wolf: Sundowning(6.03)

                                           Teen Wolf: Sundowning(6.03)Review
  • I'm suspicious of Mr.Douglass the new teacher who is apparently some kind of creature that was living in some sort of test tube like place and he appears to need helium to survive. I like that Liam, Hayden, Mason and Cory all find him a bit suspicious as well after his strange coughing fit in class.
  • I find it sad how a girl on Hayden's team seems to be, being erased and only her sister remembers her.
  • I liked how Scott and Lydia were looking up the definition of what a stile was on the internet when trying to figure out what Stiles meant and I like that they quickly figured out that this wasn't the Stiles they were looking for.
  • I liked how when Natalie to think positively while retaking her math test that Malia said that she was positive that she didn't want to be there and I was surprised that Malia got stressed out enough during the test that she transformed into a coyote again.
  • I liked that when Malia was growling at everyone that Scott realized that she was only upset that they were in her space and that he told everyone to give her space and then she transformed to human again.
  • I like that Scott is finding it a bit strange that Malia is transforming again because just being stressed shouldn't cause her to transform without meaning to.
  • I like that Scott and Lydia learn that Stiles is a person because the Sheriff tells him that it's a family nickname which his dad used even though his dad isn't the Stiles they're looking for it's a step in the right direction.
  • I found it funny how Chris broke into Melissa's house ask her help him examine a body that is in her morgue because apparently some werewolf with very large jaws is crushing people skulls by biting them.
  • I liked that Hayden tried to tell Gwen the truth about the ghost riders after her sister has been taken but sadly Gwen thinks Hayden is just making fun of her.
  • I liked how when Liam was asking about what he should do about Gwen that Scott tells him to just keep her safe and then Malia tells him he should kidnap her and then Scott tells him to not do that.
  • I like that Liam, Hayden, Mason and Cory are all working together to try to find a way to keep Gwen Safe from the ghost rider.
  • I like that Scott can't believe that they are actually breaking into a nursing home and I like that Malia's response is to say that she's sure they can handle it after having to deal with the orderlies at Eichen House, I just love how Malia completely misses Scott's point.
  • I like how Malia just walks into the nursing home and knocks out the guy at the front desk and locks him in the closet.
  • I'm not surprised that grandpa Stilinski isn't looking like he'll be much help to them but the fact that he already has dementia might mean that the ghost riders didn't bother to erase his memories which may turn out to be helpful.
  • I can't believe that Liam is throwing a party in Scott's house in order to try and keep Gwen safe from the ghost riders.
  • I liked how Malia kept yelling at grandpa Stilinski and I liked how he mentioned that he didn't like her.
  • I liked that when Malia told Scott to use his claws in order to search grandpa Stilinski's memory that he wouldn't do it because it could easily kill him and that he stops Malia from using hers.
  • I was surprised after the sun went down and after Lydia helped him regain his sense by concentrating on math it turned out that grandpa Stilinski is much more aware of what it going on and he happens to be quite mean.
  • I liked that after Sheriff made Scott, Lydia and Malia leave that his dad mentioned his dead wife and loser son because while yeah that's a really cruel thing to say it does at least let the Sheriff know that something isn't quite right and that it proves that his father could have helped Scott and the others find the answers they were looking for.
  • I liked how Cory worried that he might not have been a good enough fighter to be able to help save Gwen and I liked that Mason told him that no one doubts his abilities.
  • I liked that Cory made the ghost rider visible to everyone but I'm worried that it might put everyone who saw him in danger.
  • I find it odd that some werewolf is taking a certain gland from people's brain for someone after he kills them.
  • I like that everyone tries their hardest to keep Gwen safe and I like that it seems it might have actually saved her.
  • I liked that while Parrish shooting the ghost rider didn't seem to hurt it, it did make the ghost rider go away for some reason.
  • I liked that Malia said that she could've have really beat up the nurse but she choice not to and Lydia says that's an improvement.
  • It seems like Scott believes that everyone at the party that saw the ghost rider is in danger and that he now regrets not being there to help Liam keep Gwen safe.
  • I liked how the Sheriff came over to Scott's house and helped him clean up and that he tells Scott a story about a dream(that is really a memory) about how he and his wife said that they were going to name their son after her father but she says they'll just call him Stiles.
  • I'm not that surprised that the teacher is the werewolf stealing brain glands that represent the soul but I don't get why he's doing it.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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