Monday, April 17, 2017

TV Review: Sweet/Vicious: Tragic Kingdom(1.04)

                                     Sweet/Vicious: Tragic Kingdom(1.04)Review
  • I find it disturbing that there's a sorority is forcing it's pledges to get undress and have them right the words bitch, slut and whore on their stomachs in ink that only appear in the dark and they video tape it and put it on the internet.
  • I like that Jules actually seems to be excited about pledge week before she sees the other sorority's awful hazing ritual and sends the video to Ophelia as another potential target.
  • I like that after going over the evidence that both Jules and Ophelia decide that they need to take down the sorority by finding undeniable proof that they're up to no good.
  • I find it interesting that Ophelia is a legacy of the Kappa sorority and that they try to recruit her every year so that means they have their way to get into the sorority and prove that their up to no good. I also like that Jules gave Ophelia makeover for her going undercover there.
  • I feel bad for Harris that he's only getting assignments based on race but I'm not sure if it's because he's black or because he wrote his essay to get into the program about race.
  • I think that it must be an awkward and somewhat saddening situation with Ophelia when her mom comes to visit and tell her how proud she is of her when just a few episodes ago she made it clear that she didn't want anything to do with Ophelia when she wasn't pretending to be someone she's not.
  • I was sad that Jules good mood didn't last since she started having nightmares again but I'm not surprised that they started off again.
  • I like that Ophelia's mom being there only makes her more determined to take down Kappa.
  • I like that Ophelia can tell by one conversation that Jules had with her that she had a nightmare again.
  • I liked that show contrast Jules sorority with Kappa with showing the former to be about empowering women while the later is about tearing them down.
  • I'm worried that Harris trying to find proof that there's a vigilante on compass could cause problems for Jules and Ophelia later on.
  • I like that Ophelia is actually able to bond with her mom but I'm sad that she was starting to get second about taking Kappa down because of that.
  • I disliked that Ophelia told Jules that she only see things through her damaged eyes because that was mean and uncalled for.
  • I'm glad that after being forced into a pledge where the pledges are locked into a room and forced to drinking a bunch of kegs and smoke one cigar each within a three hour time span which makes Ophelia see that no one here can truly enjoy this.
  • I hated how the head Kappa girl didn't even seem to care when one girl nearly died of alcohol poisoning.
  • I find it disturbing that the head Kappa girl implied that Ophelia's mom came up with the idea for the lock in.
  • I think it's freaky how many cameras the Kappa keep going all over their own house and that they run a hazing website.
  • I felt bad for Jules when Kennedy tried to convince her to go into the frat house that she was raped in to pull a prank and felt even worse that Jules trying to explain why she can't go in there sound like she was insulting Kennedy which made her angry which only made Jules feel worse about everything since she still fell like she can't take to Kennedy at all about what she's going through.
  • I like that Jules and Ophelia are going after Kappa the old fashion way to punish them for their hazing and then convinced them to shut down Kappa.
  • I liked that when Jules told Tyler that she didn't feel the same about things she use to enjoy that he suggested that she may have moved on from that part of her life.
  • I feel made for Tyler that the last time he saw his brother they fought ands now I know that he'll never be able to make up with him.
  • I felt so bad for Ophelia when as soon as she told her mom that she doesn't want to be a Kappa that her mom now no longer wants anything to do with her.
  • I like that Kennedy tells Jules that although she has no idea what is going on with her she's here if Jules wants to talk and I like that Jules tells her thanks and that she loves her.
  • I liked that Jules admitted to Ophelia that she hasn't been coping well and that Ophelia admitted that she was lying to herself about her mom.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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