Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Movie Review: Enemies In Law

                                                      Enemies In Law Review
Enemies In Law is a Korean movie about a young woman named Park Young-hee(Jin Se-yeon) who is a cop who comes from a family of cops who falls in love with Han Chul-soo(Hong Jong-hyun) who is the son of two infamous criminals with his father being a thief and his mother being a forger. While both families are against Young-hee and Chul-soo being together Young-hee's father agrees to allow them to marry if Chul-soo becomes a cop so Chul-soo makes it his life mission to become a cop.

After years of Chul-soo working his hardest it looks like he is finally going to succeed in becoming a cop and this leads to both Young-hee's and Chul-soo's families working together to make sure he fails because neither family can stand to be in-laws with the other because of the others standing with the law. Chul-soo does his best to succeed against the laws while Young-hee encourages him while also calling out her family for sabotaging her relationship.

This movie is one that I really enjoy, it had a fun story and the two leads were characters that I found easy to root for and while I did dislike their families since I was suppose to I don't consider it a bad thing. Overall I think this was a fun romantic comedy and recommend checking it out. Please tell me your thoughts on this movie.

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