Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Top 8 Things That Will Make Me Instantly Inerested in Picking Up a Book

1. Witches: I really love witches because I find their powers to be the most interesting and I like the fact that they are almost always girls as well. I also like that witches have a lot less defined mythology than vampires or werewolves which makes their stories a lot harder to predict which is usually a good thing.
2. Dimensional Travel: The idea of traveling across dimensions is a really interesting one that has seemingly endless possibilities to it but it's also one that I really don't see all that often in books which I think is a shame. The only series I read that has dimensional travel have been Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle and The Chronicles of Narnia.
3. Friends to Lovers: This is one of my favorite romance tropes so if I book has it I'm much more likely to read it because I just like stories about people evolving from friends to lovers because I find those type of stories to be very sweet.
4. Deals with Mental Health: I've also been very interested in mental health so if a book is going to be dealing with mental illness I'm going to be interested in reading it because this is a topic that I'm just very interested in.
5. Magical Girls: I love Magical Girl series and I have loved them since I first watched Sailor Moon back in elementary school and my love for them has only grown over time so if a series sounds similar to a magical girl series I'm definitely going to check it out. I will admit I haven't seen any novels about magical girls so this is more of what would make me pick up a manga or watch an anime rather than pick up a book topic.
6. Shy Main Character: I'm a really shy person so when a book has an actually shy main character I'm interested in it because I usually don't relate all that much with fictional characters because they're all so much more out going than I am so I have a special place in my heart for stories about shy characters.
7. If it Reminds Me of Something Else I loved: A lot of times I start reading or watching series simply because something about it reminds me of another entirely unrelated series that I loved so I pick up that series because I think it could be similar to the series I loved. I can't really explain what it is that draws me in exactly to this type of series because it's always different each time but it's that certain familiarity that can draw me in.
8. If It's Written by Writer I love: This one is kind of a no brainer if you loved something an author wrote you should check out the other things they wrote and hopefully you'll like them too and then you'd have just add a whole bunch of books to your reading list.


  1. Dimensional travel is always a favorite of mine too, and shy main characters are nice to see. Great list. I also like it when a favorite author puts a new book- that's always a great feeling. :)

    1. Thanks for the comment and I of course agree with everything your saying here.