Tuesday, April 18, 2017

TV Review: Flower Boy Next Door

                                                 Flower Boy Next Door Review
Flower Boy Next Door is about a young woman named Go Dok-mi who lives her life isolated from the rest of the world in her apartment which she works as an editor from and she can stay in her apartment for months on end. Dok-mi prepares to be by herself because she feels very nervous about meeting and interacting with people but despite her desire to remain distant from the rest of the world she does develop a crush on the guy that lives in the building across from and she spends quite a bit of her free time spying into the man's apartment from her apartment. One day when spying into the man's apartment she notices that there is a new man, Enrique Guem and this one has noticed her looking into the apartment which leads to him confronting her about her spying and this relationship eventually develops into a sort of friendship.

Enrique is a video game developer who has been living in Spain for most of his life and he is someone that always tries his best to give happiness to other people but doesn't think it's of much importance whether he himself is happy. When Enrique finds out that Dok-mi generally doesn't venture out into the world he makes it his personal mission to bring her out into the world and show her how beautiful life outside her apartment can be. Over the course of Enrique working on getting Dok-mi to come out into the world the two of them start develop not only a friendship with each other but also romantic feelings although neither seemed all that willing to act on them with Dok-mi not quite having the courage to tell someone what she really wants yet and Enrique thinking that Dok-mi should be with Oh Jin-rak a web comic creator who has lived next door to Dok-mi for years and says that he is in love with her.

This series is one that is very sweet and cute with the way that it presents love as wanting to do everything you can to help support the person you love to fulfill their life long dream. This drama is one that is all about the relationship that the characters have with each other and it turns out that these relationships were compelling enough to carry this drama. Overall I really, really like this series and I thought that the characters were well thought out and that the main relationship was very heartwarming. Please tell me your thoughts on this series.

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