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TV Review: Scream: When a Stranger Calls(2.12)

                                         Scream: When a Stranger Calls(2.12)Review
  • I think it's twisted that the killer killed the deputy and then gave Emma and Audrey the keys to their handcuffs simply because he didn't want them to be able to stop playing his game.
  • I liked that when Emma took the guy with her when she and Audrey escaped that Audrey pointed out that she didn't think that them having it was a good idea.
  • I think it was freaky that the killer called the gas station right when Emma and Audrey walked into it and asked to talk to Emma. I also think it's twisted that the killer told Emma that if she or Audrey turned themselves in or were caught by the police that he would kill someone they love.
  • I like that Brooke still believes that Emma and Audrey are innocent but I understand why Gustavo had a harder time believing it since he knows them less and Audrey did go after him for being the killer pretty hard so I can understand that from his point of view Audrey looks guilty.
  • I don't like that Emma went to Kieran and told him her and Audrey's plans because I don't really trust the guy.
  • I liked that when Brooke visited Noah that she opened up a bit about how she misses her dad, it was a nice moment.
  • I liked that Noah also believes that Emma and Audrey didn't do what the police are saying they have done.
  • I liked that when after Emma called Noah and talked to both him and Brooke and told her that they were hiding out in the movie theater that Brooke and Noah decided that they have to meet up with them because they can't let their friends go through all this alone.
  • I like that Emma's mom doesn't think for a second that Emma is guilty and that she's now just worried about what could have happened to her daughter.
  • I liked that when the killer called Brooke to taunt her about her dad's death that Emma took the phone away from her and told the killer where she was and to come and get her. I like that Emma has decided that she's done running and that now she and the others are going to take the killer down once and for all.
  • I like that Noah started going on about how if this was a movie they would be at the unmasking stage and I liked that Brooke told him not to go all meta on her since she needs his help guarding the door.
  • I liked that after it's been awhile that Audrey started to doubt the killer would actually show up since the killer loves to be the one in control of a situation not to have someone else be the one that has more control for once and I like that Emma knows the killer isn't going to be able to resist this chance at getting them.
  • I understand why Brooke and Noah won't let Gustavo in when he comes to the theater while their waiting for the killer to show but since he got a text that he thought was for Brooke that told him to come I think we can trust that he's not the killer.
  • I think it was smart of the killer to lure everyone away from the doors by playing his videos of his kills on the movie screen.
  • I was very worried about Brooke when the killer stabbed her but luckily the stab wound didn't kill her.
  • I liked that Emma told Noah to call the police after Brooke was stabbed even though they are after her and I liked that she didn't want to leave Brooke's side but I was glad that Kieran did convince her to leave in the end.
  • I felt bad for Emma when she was blaming herself for Brooke getting stabbed and Audrey being presumably taken by the killer.
  • I liked that when Gustavo broke down at the hospital after hearing that Brooke was hurt and that when his dad saw him he gave him a comforting pat on the leg to let him know that he was there for him.
  • I liked that Noah convinced the Sheriff to look at Eli as a suspect rather than Emma and Audrey.
  • I liked that Emma told Kieran that she had to go after the killer on her own this time because she can't let anyone else die because of her.
  • I think it's messed up that the killer thinks the bond of killing with someone is similar to being in love with someone.
  • I feel so bad for Eli even though he was telling the truth about Kieran being the one who stabbed him and about all the other messed up things he did Emma believed Kieran over him and she shot him and then Kieran killed him once Emma discovered Kieran was the real killer.
  • I liked that what tipped Emma off was that Kieran used a phrase that was similar to a phrase that the killer had told her just a few minutes ago.
  • It was really surprising seeing how much Kieran's demeanor changed once the truth was revealed he was like an entirely different person clearly unhinged, violent and a whole lot more interesting than he has ever been in the past.
  • I liked that when Kieran tried to taunt Emma with the fact that she just told him she loved him earlier that not that Emma tells him that she doesn't feel that way anymore now that she knows who he really his.
  • I liked that when Audrey pointed out how pathetic it is that Kieran whole motive was daddy issues that he said that killing people is way more fun than going to therapy, his entire view on life is just demented.
  • I liked that Kieran went on a monologue about his and Piper's whole plan and I liked that Audrey told Kieran how she ruined their plan by shooting and killing Piper.
  • I liked that when Kieran was going to kill Emma that Audrey pushed a chair in his way which gave Emma the chance to run from him.
  • I liked that even though Audrey was being held captive by Kieran that she still told Emma to run because at least one of them should live and if at least one of them live his sick plan can't succeed.
  • I liked that Emma and Audrey got the upper hand on Kieran and that while Emma pointed out that now she can decided how he'll die that she tells him he's not going to die today instead his going to rot in prison for what he did.
  • I liked that Noah's ending speech was more about hope for the future and the idea that people can move forward with their lives after all the tragedies.
  • I liked that we saw that Gustavo and his dad have become closer and that things are going well with his and Brooke's relationship and I liked seeing Emma and Audrey hanging out again.
  • I find it interesting that it seems that Brandon James is still alive and mad that Kieran wore his mask.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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  1. I've been wanting to try this show, I keep seeing it on Netflix, I really need to get on with watching it! It sounds fun. :)