Thursday, March 23, 2017

Book Review: The Lunar Chronicles: Cress

                                                                 Cress Review
Cress is the third book of The Lunar Chronicles series and it's introduces us to our new heroine who is named Cress. Cress is a young Lunar woman who has been kept in satellite for years both because she's a shell(someone whom other Lunars can't manipulate) and she's an excellent hacker who Queen Levana's right hand woman has forced to hack into all sorts of earthen databases and she is tasked with locating Cinder. Since Cress doesn't agree with Levana or what she's doing to earth she doesn't tell anyone when she locates Cinder's ship but instead she contacts Cinder and her crew and pretty much asked them to rescue her and they agree since she's the reason no one has found their ship yet.

The rescue mission ends up going very wrong when one of Cress's capturers finds out about it and uses it to set a trap for Cinder. The botched rescue mission leaves the group split up with Cinder, Wolf and Iko still together but with Wolf badly injured, Scarlet captured by the Lunars and Cress and Thorne almost being killed as the crash land in the middle of the desert. The book primarily deals with the group being a part with each other with Cinder thinking that Thorne and Cress are dead and that she has no idea how to save Scarlet or what her next move in general should be other than being determined to stop the wedding between Kai and Levana. Cress and Thorne do their best to survive in the desert which is made even more difficult then it would have been since Thorne is now blind since he banged his head in their crash landing to earth and Cress has never been to earth before so she may not be the best guide but the two of them make it work and look out for each other the best they can. Scarlet who see on Lunar a couple more times but not much of anything is really resolved in her storyline but we do get our first look at the Lunar princess Winter who is the lead of the next book.

The relationship between Cress and Thorne is one that a really liked with Cress being so sweet and innocence and Thorne being the somewhat self center but ultimate lovable and charming criminal that won us over last book, I just enjoy the way they contrast with each other and the different sides they bring out in each other. Cress makes Thorne more caring and selfless although I don't think he realizes it yet and Thorne makes Cress braver with how he encourages her when she's overwhelmed by new situations or discouraged by seemingly hopeless ones.

This book was great it had a great set of characters to follow and the story that was told was very interesting and I felt that so much happened in such a short amount of time which made this an exciting read. Overall I loved this book and I can't wait to read the next one. Please tell me your thoughts on this book.

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