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TV Review: Scream: The Vanishing(2.10)

                                              Scream: The Vanishing(2.10)Review
  • I liked that the Sheriff told Emma's mom that she didn't have to be the one that cut open Piper's body since he knows that it must be hard for her since Piper was her daughter after all, I also found it creepy that someone put a pig heart inside of her body.
  • I liked that Emma was actually willing to try and talk to Audrey in order to find out what she really knew about Piper but I was sad that she seemed to already decide that Audrey brought Piper to town to hurt her and for no other reason and that just made me feel bad for Audrey because she is being honest with Emma it just that Emma doesn't like what Audrey is telling her.
  • I was a surprised to learn that Brandon James could possibly still be alive and that the Sheriff and Emma's mom knew each other when they were in high school.
  • I liked how when Zoe wasn't in school that Noah called her and left her a message telling her how he missed her school and was a bit concerned that she wasn't in class because she is always in class. I thought that the message was sweet but dorky and I loved it but had a feeling that something bad had already happened to her and that was confirmed when Noah was led into the woods by text messages that came from her phone.
  • I felt like it took Noah quite a long time to figure out that something weird was going on but I understand why he wouldn't let his brain go to believing Zoe has already been captured or killed by the killer because he doesn't want it to be true.
  • I actually quite enjoyed the conversation that the killer had on the phone with Noah with how the killer called himself a long listener first time caller and mention the horror movie rule about how once you have sex you die and I liked how Noah said that was an outdated trope and I liked that the only reason that Noah stayed in the woods with and on the phone with him was because he was led to believe that there was a chance he could save Zoe.
  • I was really worried about Noah when the killer stabbed in the woods where there is no one around and no one knows that he is out there.
  • I liked that even though things are bad between Emma and Audrey at the moment that when Audrey noticed that Noah was missing she still went to Emma and that Emma was still concerned about Noah.
  • I like that the killer is forcing Emma and Audrey to work together in order to find and save Noah but I have a feeling that in the end this isn't going to work out in the killer's favor.
  • Honestly seeing Noah buried alive in a coffin were he could very easily slowly suffocate to death was very uncomfortable for me to watch and freaked me out more than anything else that has been  on this show so far because suffocating to death slowly is one of my biggest fears.
  • I liked how once Noah saw that he was being recorded he tried to give clues as to where find him  to anyone who was watching the stream and I liked that he also mentioned that Zoe was in danger and he hopes that someone could rescue her too.
  • I liked that when Noah realized that maybe the killer is the one who is watching him and only recording him to torment his friends later that he said that he wasn't going to freak out because he didn't want to give the killer the sastifaction even though he was terrified.
  • I thought that it was extra cruel that the killer made Noah listen to Zoe suffering while he was buried and helpless to do anything to help her and that this is what makes him start to really panic.
  • I liked that Emma wanted to at least tell the Sheriff because that just seems like the smart thing to do in this type of situation but I completely understand why Audrey was unwilling to risk it because she has tried to out smart this killer before and someone died because of this which is why Emma agrees to not tell anyone about Noah.
  • I think it's cruel how the killer is giving Emma and Audrey cryptic riddles as clues on how to find Noah.
  • I felt bad for Emma when she found an old letter that Audrey wrote to Piper on a back of one of the killer's clues that was clearly written when Audrey was very angry at Emma for abandoning her and replacing her with new friends.
  • I have a feeling that Audrey meeting Emma held more meaning to her than it did for Emma because Audrey remembered the place that they first met based off of just a flower whiled Emma was clueless about what it meant until Audrey told her.
  • I liked how when Noah started hallucinating Zoe was buried with him he at first pointed out how he knew she wasn't really here with him because it's illogical but that he let himself be comforted by her because that's what he needed in the moment even if she wasn't really there.
  • I liked how we learned that Audrey lost her mother to an illness when she was young and that the staples that her and Emma always went to when they were children was the only place that made her feel okay during that time.
  • I found it really sad that when Noah's hallucination of Zoe left him and realized once again that he was alone and Zoe was in danger he was devastated even though part of his brain knows that she was never really there.
  • I understand why Emma is mad that Audrey is still keeping secrets from her but considering how badly Emma is taking anything Audrey confesses to her I can't blame Audrey for not telling her anything isn't a hundred percent necessary for her to know.
  • I liked that Audrey figured out that the killer that they are against now has to have been working with Piper the first time Around because that's the only thing that makes sense.
  • I thought that it was pretty bold of the killer to call the Sheriff and tell him where he may find the next victim.
  • I thought it was sad how when Noah was on the verge of death that he was making plans of a life together with Zoe.
  • I was both surprised and not surprised when Audrey told Emma that she broke her heart without even realize it because I always felt that there was something more then friendship between them but I also thought that maybe I was just reading too much into things so I wasn't sure until Audrey told Emma this.
  • I was so relieved that Audrey and Emma were able to save Noah from dying in just the knick of time but horrified to learn that there was a recording that showed that Zoe was also buried alive.
  • I liked that Emma and Audrey tried to convince Noah to go to the hospital in order to get treated for his wounds but he refused because he wanted to safe Zoe first and the killer said no cops so that also means no going a hospital.
  • I was really sad when it turned out Zoe had been dead for hours by the time they got to the lake she was buried in and that the recording wasn't live like Noah has been which is extra cruel since the killer made it seem like they could save her when they never really had a chance.
  • I liked that Emma held Audrey's hand for a moment indicating that she now forgives her and I liked that when the killer called her that she told him that her and Audrey are going to make sure that he looses in the end.
  • I thought it was sad how Emma blamed herself for Zoe dying because the killer is after her and Audrey and that she feels like it's on her to end things and I liked how her mom told her that it isn't on her.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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