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TV Review: Timeless: Space Race(1.08)

                                           Timeless: Space Race(1.08)Review
  • I disliked that Flynn killed a guy in 1969 in order to get access to NASA's mission control center on the day of the moon landing but I like that Anthony seems clearly bothered by the act as well.
  • I was surprised to learn that Anthony was the one who would be using the badge that Flynn and his guys killed the man for because he's usually the one who takes on the most important part of his plans so him trusting Anthony with this was a surprise.
  • I like that Rufus is still clearly worried about Anthony and is worried about how Flynn might be using him.
  • I liked that when Lucy, Wyatt and Rufus got their badges that would get them into NASA that both Lucy and Rufus were disappointed about the IDs the were given with Lucy being a secretary and Rufus being a janitor although Rufus was more resigned to his role than Lucy was.
  • I liked that Rufus was both awestruck and terrified to be in the control room during the first moon landing with so many people whom he considers his heroes because while it's amazing to be there it's also terrifying because Flynn could do something that can destroy all the progress to the scientific field that was made that day and by the people in that room after that day.
  • I don't understand why Flynn and Anthony felt that they needed to interfere with the moon landing in order to get some code but by bring down the computers on this day this doesn't only destroy a huge advance in science it also puts people lives in danger for reasons I can't understand.
  • I liked that when Rufus confronted Anthony that he told him if he is willing to go along with Flynn with leaving them for dead and destroying a piece of history that means so much to the both of them than he's no better than Flynn and he doesn't get to say it's not him anymore because his actions have shown that this is who he is now.
  • I find it interesting that as Lucy explains that America having a successful moon landing is something that stopped the Russians from furthering the missile program and therefore if it isn't a success it means that a lot of things would change in history for the worst.
  • I liked that it was decided that Rufus and Lucy would work on a way to successfully get the astronauts safely back home and that Wyatt would look into Maria who is a woman who works a company that helped develop the technology that made space travel possible who Flynn has taken an interested in.
  • I liked how Lucy and Rufus talked about how they live really strange lives right after Wyatt leaves.
  • I find it interesting that Flynn seems to think that Anthony letting Rufus keep the briefcase was a mistake but the fact that Anthony believes that it won't help because Rufus doesn't know how to work computers this old and because doesn't work well under pressure.
  • I find it interesting that Anthony was the first person to ever time travel and that trip went badly enough that he had to stay in the hospital for seven months and that Rufus visited him every day and he was happy to do so because Anthony was his friend and mentor. The fact that Anthony went through something similar to the first astronauts and he was still leaving them for dead is something that Rufus can't understand and is now making him believe that he's never knew Anthony at all.
  • I liked that Rufus realized that the smartest person and the best chance at saving the mission was Catherine Johnson a brilliant mathematician who has kept in the basement because she was a black woman but who was a big part of making space travel possible. She's also someone that Rufus and Lucy can approach more easily than most to ask for her help.
  • I like how Wyatt's cover as an FBI agent is making it a bit easier for him to ask people about Flynn and in trying to find Maria before Flynn does.
  • I find Flynn oddly charming when he was talking to Maria and while part of me is freaked out by it since this is probably part of one of his plans I also like that we're given the chance to see a kinder softer side of him.
  • I liked that after Rufus wrote out an extremely long math equation and told Catherine about the computer virus that she believed he wasn't just a janitor but she is now suspicious of who he and Lucy really. I liked that Catherine agreed to help them because she too cares a great deal about saving the astronauts and understands how telling the people higher up is something they can't do because they can't explain who they really are and why they should listen to them.
  • I dislike how Maria unknowingly encourages Flynn to not give up on his vendetta because she couldn't see herself resting until the people who killed her son paid for what they done if she was ever in Flynn's situation although she has no idea how far he has already taken things.
  • I felt bad for Wyatt when he lost track of Flynn because a cop asked him to move out of the way which gave Flynn the time to disappear without Wyatt seeing where he was going.
  • I liked that after Catherine pointed out that she doesn't have a real reason to trust Rufus and that she's putting her career at risk by helping him that Rufus told her that he admires her and looks up to her just as much as the astronauts and the guys in mission control.
  • I liked that Lucy stood up to this guy who kept calling her doll and demanding she makes coffee for him.
  • I liked that when Anthony came in to try and stop Rufus, Catherine and Lucy from saving the astronauts that Rufus tried one last time to appeal to Anthony's humanity and when that didn't work he ended up shooting Flynn's other henchman that came with Anthony and then him that he doesn't know him anymore.
  • I liked that both Rufus and Lucy thanked Catherine for her help before they left because they know they couldn't have done it without her.
  • I liked that Catherine was able to in the control room during the mission was given a bit of the appreciation that she deserves.
  • I liked that it turned out that Flynn's interest in Maria was because she's his mother and that he made sure that her son his half brother lived instead of died that day.
  • I liked how Lucy was upset that while she and Wyatt both want to save their love ones they can't but Flynn just does it and it turns out fine and she just finds this so frustrating.
  • I liked that Lucy went to Rufus to see if he was okay with everything because he had to kill someone today and I liked that Rufus feels fine but that worries him because he feels that he shouldn't feel okay after he killed a man.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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