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TV Review: Scream:The Orphanage(2.09)

                                               Scream:The Orphanage(2.09)Review
  • I find it interesting that the episode started off with Emma having a nightmare where she killed Audrey, Noah and Kieran and wakes up in the kitchen holding a knife which is very concerning. I also find it interesting that Kieran was in Emma's dream because I understand that she feels betrayed by Audrey and Noah but I don't understand why Kieran would be there too.
  • I think that Kieran is acting like Emma waking up with a knife in her hand is no big deal is a bit concerning because that's something that one should worry about.
  • I understand why Emma doesn't want to see Audrey right now or really ever again but it still makes me a bit sad but I do like that Emma wants to talk to Noah to figure out the truth behind everything that she found out about Audrey.
  • I liked that Brooke is feeling some regrets about the speech she made last episode where she basically told the whole town that they deserve to die and she wonders if anyone doesn't hate her and I like that Gustavo says that he doesn't.
  • I thought that it was pretty creepy that Gustavo stole one of Brooke's lipsticks for whatever reason.
  • While I can understand why Emma, Brooke and Kieran would all think the worst of Audrey I still feel bad for her because I know that she didn't know Piper was behind the murders until the very end.
  • I liked that when Emma mentioned the email she got of Audrey confessing to Noah that Noah asked to see the email right away because he knew that figuring out who sent it could lead them to the killer possibly.
  • I liked Audrey and Noah fought about how Noah was wrong Emma forgiving her just like he did if she found out the truth and that she doesn't trust that he didn't send the auto file because he always claims he's unhackable and then once she believes he didn't send the file she starts suspecting Zoe of it because she's one of the few people who has been in Noah's room and he doesn't believe for a second that Zoe could have done this.
  • I find it interesting that the killer left the tape that psychology teacher, Ms. Lang  made in her locker and I liked that Emma both feels violated at being recorded without her knowledge but also fears that Ms. Lang may be right about her.
  • I thought that Audrey's theory about why Zoe might have wanted to make it look like Noah sent the tape to Emma in order to create a rift between Audrey and Noah was one that makes quite a bit of sense.
  • I liked how when Zoe swore to Noah that she only listened to the file herself and didn't send it to anyone else that he believed her even though she did look pretty guilty.
  • I liked that Sheriff told Emma's mom about how he fears that Gustavo may be the person who is behind the killings.
  • I'm Curious as to why Ms. Lang was so terrified to see Emma when she visited her in the hospital.
  • I find it suspicious that Gustavo went through his father's files but the fact that he was surprised that there was a file about him makes me believe that he's not the killer.
  • I liked that no matter how guilty Zoe looked that Noah believed that she was telling the truth and that he stood up for her when Audrey was blaming her.
  • I liked that Noah told Audrey that finding out who sent Emma the email wasn't going to fix things and that Audrey would have to find a way to fix things with Emma some other way.
  • I liked that Noah and Zoe were finally able to have sex with each other.
  • I find it interesting that Ms. Lang knew Piper from years ago and that may be the reason she's interested in Emma.
  • I liked how Noah and Zoe were trying to figure out how they killer would know about the recording and why he would want to implicate her which leads to Noah worrying that he got Zoe involved in this and she tells him that she choose to get involved and that she'd do it again.
  • I liked that Noah figured out that the camera from the storage unit was bugged and that it's been recording everything that's been said in his room since he brought it there and I liked that he smashed it.
  • I liked that Emma called Noah to ask him about Blessed Children which is a foster home that Piper and Ms. Lang grew up in that was an Asylum before that and that the foster home was shut down because abuse allegations ten years ago.
  • I liked that when Brooke found out that her dad hired Jake to burn down a building for him on the night that he died that Brooke told her dad off about never telling the cops about any of this even after Jake was found dead.
  • I liked that Audrey kept trying to write Emma and email that would tell her how sorry she is about everything but she keeps deleting it because nothing seems good enough.
  • I liked that when the killer called Audrey and told her that Noah would die if she didn't stop him from killing him that she dropped everything and went to try and save him.
  • I was surprised that a party was going on at Blessed Children when Emma, Kieran, Noah and Zoe arrived there and I was even more surprised that the killer made it look like Emma and Audrey were the ones throwing it.
  • I like that even though Emma is still very mad at Audrey she doesn't for a second think that Audrey would be the one throwing this party but that it's the real killer's doing.
  • I find it interesting that Hayley was sort of dating the killer but that doesn't end up saving her from getting killed by him.
  • I liked that the killer text both Emma and Audrey that their better half will rot if they don't come upstairs and I liked how when Emma said Kieran that Audrey said Noah.
  • I found it freaky how Emma and Audrey found Piper's body upstairs and I liked how Emma figured out that the killer wants to punish both Emma and Audrey killing Piper.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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